Risks in Life

Taking risks in life is scary. You think you know what will happen if you do certain things and find yourself wrong about the circumstances and outcomes. In my professional life, I’ve been wrong more times than I care to admit. I work hard and strive to make life better, but sometimes it seems that I’m hitting my head against a brick wall. That’s one of the reasons I’m working so hard to improve my current situation. If I’m not willing to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone, then I don’t have a right to expect anything to change in my orbit.  

I love my job, but I’m acutely aware that I work for a family-owned business. There are advantages to working for a small company, but there are also disadvantages. I know I will never get more than getting a bigger store. That should be enough, but it isn’t because I like to challenge myself. Learning everything I can about data analysis is changing the way I think. I’m asking questions more and am finding specific answers to questions. I’m no longer okay with generic responses.  

In my personal life, I struggle because as I’m changing, I’m finding those who are closest to me are either evolving along with me or lagging. Those who choose to grow are engaging in stimulating, intellectual, challenging, and pertinent conversations pertinent to the world we live in, while those in their comfort zone do not wish to push forward. There’s a fine line in life to not burning bridges with those you have remained close with and grown apart. When I look at the past, I am amazed. There is no time for the past because the future is blazing ahead. If you don’t believe me, look at the space flights. Yes, the men who went to space, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, are wealthy. When Jeff Bezos thanked those who helped him make the trip, I wanted to barf. Many people barely make ends meet, and while these two men are breaking barriers, other groups could benefit from the resources they used for an eight to eleven-minute experience. The cost of living is skyrocketing, and employers struggle to meet the $15 an hr pay increase.  

This past Friday, I saw a good friend. Her son was there, and tensions were high between the two of us. I can’t speak for him. I can say that I froze with our communication because our nerves were on edge; it was evident when he failed to give his dog water in the dog bowl, and the dog looked at him like he had lost his mind. I wouldn’t say I like to psyche myself out, and that was a time that I wish I could rewind. But I can’t. I can learn from that experience and reinforce the fact that we have to know when we fail to try again in taking chances. It’s not always a fun feeling, but it is necessary to take risks in life, especially when your heart tells you that your stubbornness might cost you in the long run.  

Taking risks reminds me that we don’t always take risks because of fear. Here are four ways to help you take risks. I looked these up through several different sites, and these are a few of the recommendations.  

Here are four ways to get over that fear and take risks the “right” way:

  1. Don’t be afraid of failure. Failure is necessary. The more we fail, the sweeter success will be. It took me a long time to comprehend that my losses were shaping me for success. That’s why when I finally achieved success, I didn’t know how to respond.  
  2. Don’t be afraid of success. When you fail a lot, it’s difficult to know how not to be fearful of success. This reaction is normal. Soak in the win for a small amount of time and then keep going. Don’t allow yourself to stop because the more you keep pushing yourself forward, the more you have a chance to add more success under your belt. Besides, failure occurs while gaining different levels of success. But, with each loss, valuable lessons are taught, and those lessons help prevent future failures.    
  3. Don’t allow others to inspire self-doubt. My favorite example of this is Eeyore from Disney. If you’ve ever listened to him, you’ll know that Eeyore always seems down. He has little to no self-confidence and is the poster child for doubt. If you’ve ever had various levels of success, then you’ll know that others may try to make you feel inconsequential. Don’t give them that power. Every success you create is a valuable tool.  
  4. Calculate the risks. If the stakes are dangerous, you may want to make sure you’ve covered every base possible. Most people do not wish to inflict harm to themselves, so try to ensure that the risks you are doing will not inflict bodily harm. If you feel like you need help, please ask for it; none of us want to see you hurt yourself or others. You know the situations you are living in, evaluate the knowledge you have, and proceed accordingly. 

No matter what you may take risks on in life, I hope you can live your lives to the fullest. Life is volatile. We often make mistakes we never thought we’d make. I know I won’t stop pushing myself out of my comfort zone because it’s the only way I’ll keep growing. Have a great day, everyone.  

2 thoughts on “Risks in Life

  1. Poor Eeyore, he was always down – the doubting Thomas of the group. But I can relate to this post because I tend to procrastinate as far as taking risks are concerned. Point 1 & 4 are top contributors to the fear of risk taking.


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