Drive and Ambition

I’ve never been one to go after what I want aggressively. I used to think that if I did a good job that my employers would recognize the work I put into things and promote me from that hard work. It didn’t dawn on me that I had to let my superiors know I wanted to move up. Nor did it dawn on me that I had to ask for what I wanted. It took a long time for me to understand what measures I needed to change and take in my life. No one’s going to give you something just because you work hard. Sometimes you get taken for granted because of how hard you work. Have you ever noticed people who didn’t seem to put in as much effort sometimes seem to get farther in their jobs? I wondered what I was doing wrong until an excellent friend recently told me I needed to say to my bosses I wanted to change. She encouraged me to ask for more money as well as more responsibility. Thanks to her and her guidance, I’m beginning to comprehend my worth.

Some of you are very prosperous. You know how to play the game, and you play it well. Then many like me struggle. We struggle to do things the way we do. I think that’s why I was a doormat for so long in my life. I didn’t challenge others because I felt that if I kept proving myself, I would find myself rewarded, and that was dumb on my part.

How do you handle it when others around you have more drive and ambition than you do? There is a lesson you can learn from these types of folks, which are beneficial to you. The key is being willing to learn from them. There’s a reason that these folks are moving up in the world. Not all of them step on people to get there. Some of them made excellent decisions, while others got there in questionable ways. Here are some of the tips that I found that might help.

  1. Compete with yourself. At first, I thought this was ridiculous. Why should I compete with myself? Then, after years passed and I found myself overlooked a lot, I began to see the wisdom in this statement. If you don’t compete with yourself first, getting motivated will be challenging.
  2. Surround yourself with ambitious people. This item is critical. If you are constantly around people who talk about what they will do and rarely follow through, that mindset will rub off on you. Yet, if you surround yourself with people who challenge themselves and you, that mindset rubs off, and it can be conducive to you.
  3. Continuously set goals. Goals change almost as much as we change our clothes. It’s essential never to stop setting and achieving goals. That’s how we grow.
  4. Take exciting risks. Without risks, there are no rewards. When we take exciting risks, we find ourselves striving to do more, learn everything we can, and stretch our minds past our comfort zone.
  5. Embrace your imagination. Our imaginations are limitless. Tapping into creativity isn’t always straightforward. The more I tried to use my imagination, the more I would find myself blocking the same thing everyone told me to use. Stop trying so hard and let your imagination fly.
  6. Make time for your goals. This item means that if you know you need to achieve specific goals and don’t want to, you may need to make time to accomplish them. You’ll never know unless you try.
  7. Work on positive thinking. If you are a person that constantly thinks positively, this action will be easy for you. If you struggle with positive thinking, you may want to remember the more positivity you surround yourself with, the more you can stay focused and achieve your dreams.
  8. Shift to an abundance mindset. When you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck, it’s challenging to find ways to increase your abundance. Inflation costs are not helping. However, if you are serious about creating a more abundant life, you will find ways to make it happen if you want it badly enough. Abundance mindsets don’t happen overnight. You have to train and condition your mind to get rid of the negative energy.

No matter what drive and ambition you may have, remember that there will always be challenges and people who get in your way. Don’t let it deter you. The difference between people who have abundance versus those who don’t is that they believe in themselves, are focused, driven to succeed, and aren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone. When you find your center, you will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the long haul. Have a great Monday, everyone.

4 thoughts on “Drive and Ambition

  1. So sad that most employers don’t recognize and reward good employees for their diligence and hard work. But I’d say never fall for the pressure of those around you who are trying too hard for recognition, work at your owns pace and do your best. Ensure first of all that you are happy with the work you produced. In due time rewards do come. Very valid points.


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