Utilize Passion from the Past into the Future

I’ve often heard the phrase that “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” I think that it’s getting more complex as the years go by to live with that mantra because society keeps putting demands on all of us that can be draining and stressful. The key is to keep the passion for what you do and the attitude that getting a paycheck with what you love is a bonus. If you want to know a little bit more about what I mean, keep reading.

For years, I worked jobs in customer service to pay the bills. I love my job. Many days make me want to walk away when I deal with rude and obnoxious people, but even on those days, I remind myself that I could be working in environments much more demanding than the one I’m in currently. I used to work in a movie theater in a violent part of town. Getting off work around one in the morning was always scary, especially when the deposit had to go to the bank. The owner was rough with the staff and made Darth Vader look like a saint. He was a big man, menacing with looks and build, hostile to staff and customers, and only cared about money. When he put down a friend of mine that doesn’t process things quickly, I knew it was time to move on. I was grateful for the job and became adept at cleaning, marketing, and accounting, but I don’t tolerate yelling at the staff with profanity, belittling people, and bullying. I eventually started working for a storage company and worked my way up to my store. I have a corporate group that oversees what I do. Still, my revenue exceeds expectations, my lot is clean, curb appeal is pleasing, and I’ve gotten a reputation for excellent customer service. It’s because I love my job that I have a good rapport with my clients.

As a side business, I handle several social media accounts. I enjoy this kind of work because it’s interesting. I meet some of the most unique people along the way. I learn about different opportunities and feel good when I have increased engagement for various events. Because of that feeling, I chose to go back to school for my Data Analytics Certification. I may never do anything with those certifications, but I hope that the skills I’m acquiring will behoove potential employers and me down the line. The company I currently work with doesn’t offer those kinds of opportunities because they are a family-owned business, and unless you are in the family, your options are limited. That’s not a slam on them by any means. It’s only a fact. That’s why I decided to keep stretching myself out of my comfort zone. Life is too short of guessing at opportunities.

As a kid, I always heard how the sky was the limit, that we could be anything we wanted to be if we wanted it bad enough to work for it. Along the way, I ran into numerous obstacles. One of those obstacles was a middle school counselor who told me that I’d never amount to anything more than a secretary. First, there’s nothing wrong with being a secretary, and in most cases, secretaries know more about what is happening in a business than a lot of executives. The titles and responsibilities changed over the years, but the dynamic hasn’t. Second, who the hell did she think she was to judge my life? I gave her the power for a long time because I believed what she said. It took a long time to understand that I was the one limiting what I could do. I had the power to control my life, and instead, I was allowing other people to make me feel inferior. If I learned anything from that realization, I had to stop letting people put me in a box and start living outside in the air.

One of the most significant issues society has is that we are all influenced by people who have opinions and are in positions of power. The folks who are in our school systems influence kids. Some of their influence is powerful and empowering. What about the detrimental impact? Social media has changed the dynamic of the school systems and work environments. People can look at the same sentence and see different meanings. Some comments are hurtful, and others do not deserve repeating. The counselor who said those things to my family and me was in the wrong profession. She detested her position, and it showed, but it left a mark in my memory. Words don’t have only meanings; they have powers and are used as the fiercest weapons. Sometimes we don’t even recognize the effects they have until we’ve gone through years of suppressing those emotions until something triggers it, and it boils to the surface.

When I watched the launching of civilians to space, I sat there looking at barriers that we are removing. I remember instructors that left marks on my memory that made me want to achieve more. One of my high school history teachers once said that if you want the world to have peace, put more women in power. That might have been true back in the ’80s, but I’m not sure about that now. If you get the right women in power, then the world won’t know what hit them. If you get the wrong women in power, the world sets the stage for more issues. I’ve seen women of all races in power, and there are some very fierce advocates out there for a better world. Some of them are incredible negotiators, while others could use some lessons. She was never underestimating what women can do because women are skilled and proficient in many areas. She wanted the young girls in the class not to limit our thinking. Thankfully, more leaders are reiterating her point. Many STEM classes are available to young girls, and we are seeing girls fall in love with science and take that love to levels we never thought possible.

Opportunities to challenge ourselves and expand our knowledge are more accessible now than ever. The biggest hurdle we all face is motivation and figuring out what we want and which direction we want to go. I don’t know your story, but no matter what your story entails, you are in charge of writing it. Don’t let the other people from your past define who you are today. You are all incredible. I mean that in a very positive way. So what if you don’t have the money that others do. People make money every day. You could do something that leads to a considerable profit with intelligent moves. If you don’t have the most excellent health, you may have other resources and assets available. Do what you love to do. And if you are unable to do those things, what are you able to do? Figure out what you love and what brings you the greatest pleasure in life, and you will find your days pass quicker with a lot more happiness in them. Have a great day, everyone.

3 thoughts on “Utilize Passion from the Past into the Future

  1. Social media has definitely change the world, and I think for the worst! But doing what you love is of utmost importance for ones happiness and sanity. But unfortunately most of us end up in jobs that we absolutely hate and just go through the motions risking sanity and peace of mind just to get the bills paid. In most cases doing what you love is not always available and some people just don’t have the resources to start a business of their own.


    1. Sometimes it means starting out small. You are right about most of us working in jobs we hate. It’s a hard thing when we do what we have to so that we can pay the bills but it’s critical to find a balance. Otherwise we work ourselves to death and feel robotic. 🙂

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  2. Yep, I’ve worked quite a few of those horrid jobs that I just had to in order to get those bills paid. Can I say no fun?!?! But feel free to stop by my page for a few reads.

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