Power of Persuasion and Struggles


Have you ever had the mindset of accomplishing certain goals only to be persuaded to do something else? If you’re like most people, then there wHave you ever had the mindset of accomplishing specific goals only to be persuaded to do something else? If you’re like most people, there will always be things in your life that you were dead set on, and somebody manages to change your trajectory. I think that’s one of the reasons that I love planning. I’m the type of person that likes to know things in advance. I don’t do well with fly-by-night decisions. But I have found over the last few years that I have had to learn to be flexible.

Getting answers out of people that I care about is challenging. For example, if I ask a friend of ours who or where they want to go eat, the standard answer is “I don’t know.” Theoretically, that’s fine; however, it usually helps to know where you’re going to go when you’re trying to decide on dinner. Especially if it’s a well-liked restaurant and is busy when you choose to attend, that’s one of the reasons that I don’t like asking where everyone wants to eat. By the time they make a decision, the night gets away from us.

So when have you been persuaded to do something you didn’t want to do? Chances are you had an event or an excursion somewhere that you wanted to do, and your friends talked to you out of it. I’ve been to places where I wanted to go to a movie or to an event, and it wasn’t what my friends wanted to do, so we ended up not doing the things I liked because they weren’t happy about it. Or, at work, I’ve been persuaded to turn down certain positions because I did an excellent job in the current one that I was in, and they didn’t want to lose me. If any of this sounds familiar, there are things that you can do to help you remain focused and on point so that you don’t go against what you want to do. Here are some helpful tips that I found.

The Power of Persuasion

1) Reciprocate gestures. This item should be a common-sense approach; however, it bears repeating that when we are willing to reciprocate what people want, they’re more inclined to return the gestures with us. Sometimes it could be something as simple as giving others a small gift or treating others with respect or maybe even doing favors for somebody in need. All of these things can help you gain a willingness with other parties to reciprocate actions.

2) Be consistent. When people stick to their word and honor their word, more people will work with that person than someone who is not dependable. If you are the type of person who keeps your word regularly, you become accountable for your actions. But you also have to be willing to be voluntary. If somebody’s trying to make you do something that you are not comfortable with, you will resent that person in the long run, especially if they abuse you with constant demands and expectations.

3) Monitor their body language and attitude. You can tell if somebody is willing to come through for you many times by the way they act. It doesn’t take a specialist to see if somebody is genuinely excited about helping you or if they feel like it is a tedious chore. Be willing to look around you and see how others respond to your request.

4) Feeling liked. Let’s face it, we all do better when we feel liked and part of a crowd. It’s human nature to want acceptance for who you are. Sometimes we are afraid of what others will think if we don’t go along with the flow, so we tend to allow others to persuade us to do things out of our comfort zone. Sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes it’s a dangerous thing, but the result and results are not always positive. It would be best if you went with your gut on this. If you’re trying to be liked for who you aren’t by doing things for someone else, it will almost always backfire on you.

5) Authority. When you know a lot about certain subjects, people tend to gravitate to you. You can easily persuade people to learn about certain things if you’re passionate about them in that Passion exudes into interest. Sometimes this is a good thing, and sometimes it’s not. Whether you want to believe it or not, you influence more folks than you think daily.

6) Scarcity. When supply and demands are at a critical high or a critical low, people react and persuade others with their purchase history based on what is available. Remember the toilet paper shortage? People went out in droves and started hoarding toilet paper, while others had to beg and plead for just a roll. Cleaners were scarce throughout the pandemic. Hand sanitizer was hard to get your hands on for a good portion of the time, so society continuously persuaded others to wash their hands. This task should be a common-sense practice, but it’s not.

As I write this blog, I hope to leave you with the knowledge that we influence others by supply and demand, the needs of our families, and our current situations. I hope for you that you can start each day feeling in control of your life and actions. You can’t control what others around you do, but you can control how you react and watch your willingness to reciprocate. Be good to each other and have a great day, everyone.

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