Sometimes it’s mentally rewarding to throw caution to the wind and be spontaneous. So many of us have so much structure that we forget to have those moments of freedom. Walking away from responsibilities for a short time can lead to confusion as to what to do. Several of my friends are ready to take a girls’ trip. The beach is at the top of our getaway list. Wineries are a close second.

I’m one of those souls who can ride in the middle of the winter with the windows down. I’ll turn the music up and let the crispness of the cold air zip through my hair. I miss my manual transmission because it was with that type of car or truck that I would feel like one with the vehicle. In some ways, it made me feel like I was driving a rendition of Herbie. The car didn’t respond as Herbie would, but I could tell in the humming of the engine what the car wanted. I loved the exhilaration that I felt when driving. I still get that feeling but not to the same degree. Today’s cars are more computerized. It’s less about the driving ability and more about what the car can do. Some might argue that point, but I tend to think it’s about preference.

Then there are friends like Darla. She is my daredevil in disguise friend. We used to drag race against each other. Man, that was fun and dangerous, but we were young and thought we could do anything without repercussions. We later learned there were penalties for those actions, but that didn’t stop us from being fearless. Many young people today are fearless. They don’t let their inhibitions keep them from accomplishing their goals and dreams. If anything, those inhibitions propel them to go for the unthinkable. They control the fear instead of allowing the fear to take control of them. I envy them. They haven’t felt the sting of shattered souls and persevere through the most difficult challenges. There will come a day that their actions have consequences to be faced, but they see the world as theirs to conquer. Ideals are changing while morals become challenged. With those challenges comes new ways to learn and grow. Sometimes that growth includes recharging your batteries by being spontaneous and doing things you never thought about to see the world differently.

Have you ever gone sky diving? What about bungee jumping? How about driving down the highway on a motorcycle? Ziplining is something I can’t wait to try. I’ve entered a tiger zoo, been on safari, and faced scorpions, black mambas, and other deadly animals. I didn’t pick any of them up, but I’ve been close enough to make me uneasy. I’ve watched people I love who died in front of me and, before they passed, wanted me to understand that spontaneity is a gift. They made me appreciate life more than I had before.

We are only on this earth for a small fragment in time. Doing adventurous things isn’t for everyone. I don’t know what any of you need or don’t need at the moment. What I can tell you is when you see a place over and over like a robot, you start to feel like your life is passing you by and wonder what else is out there. Take the trips when you can. Don’t let fear keep you from exploring the beauty in life. Learn about other cultures and places. Try new foods on occasion. You might learn a different language and volunteer with those who speak that language. You don’t have to do dangerous things to be spontaneous. Let your spirit have a little bit of fun. You might take the family for a bit of adventure. Sometimes you can even look at your backyard as a new experience. Whatever you decide to do, have fun. Sometimes we all need a minor change to make positive differences in our lives. Have a great day, everyone.

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