Music of the soul

Have you ever wondered about how much music affects every single one of us?  I used to think that music was the one thing I could take solace in.  Music is the one area that I don’t feel the need to join my peers in what they like.  There is music that flows so deep in my veins that I could immerse myself in the melody, the rhythm, the theme and the beat.  I love almost every type of music there is including heavy metal.  Granted I don’t listen to it like I used to but if it has a beat, I tend to enjoy the music.  I don’t necessarily care for the lyrics but depending on my moods, I love to let the music flow throughout my veins.

When I go to church, I love the hymns.  I enjoy listening to the choir, even when they are offkey.  There’s something about the music that brings me closer to God.  Maybe it’s the fact that music speaks for itself.  It has the tendency to be understood no matter what language someone speaks.  Even the deaf know music.  They may not be able to hear the melodies, but believe me when I tell you they can feel the beat.  They use their senses to know what the music is telling them.

I think that’s part of why I enjoy music.  No matter what mood I have, or where my frustrations are, the melodies and lyrics take me to a different place.  I can jam with the best of them and when I was younger, I had a really good singing voice.  Now, I’m lucky if I can carry a tune.  So how does this fit in with God?  Well, I think you have to look deep at all of our souls.

Everything we do in this life has a beat.  If you are in a doctor’s office, the machines have their own rhythm.  When I went for an MRI recently, I heard the beats.  I heard the rhythm.  It was like I had my own concert-going in my head.   I could hear the drums sound like they were completely in sync and yet there were no drums there.  Only a machine.  But the machine spoke.  And when it spoke, it sang. I wanted to compare music with God because both are important to me.

God gives us the music in our lives.  He is the conductor.  We are the symphony.  He is the stage manager, while we are the band.  In every facet of our lives.  God is the melody, the harmony, and the entire song.  Sometimes, we don’t have a clue how the song will end.  We just know we often can’t find the words.  Or if we have the words, we don’t know what the melody will be.  God knows what it is.  He knows what we need.

Music is often described as the universal language and there’s so much truth in that statement.  When we are feeling down, there is music that helps get us through.  When we celebrate life, there are songs that resonate within our souls to the point that we celebrate through all types of songs.  As a child, we often sing songs with our parents, our friends, our teachers, schoolmates, etc.  As teenagers, we often get with our friends and jam to music or meet up at friends houses and listen to music our parents didn’t even know existed.  As adults, we tend to migrate towards certain genres of music.  The bottom line is that each and every single person on this earth has the music flowing through them.

So how is God like music?  Can we see God on a music sheet?  Probably not.  But we can hear God’s influence in our lives and that manifests into an incredible testament.  Can you imagine listening to Brahms and not hear the beauty that Brahm’s exhibits?  In today’s music across the board, God is finding himself embedded in more of our lives than we realize.  Carrie Underwood did a song a few years ago called “Jesus Take the Wheel”.  Need more examples?  All you have to do is look around you.

God knows we are all struggling.  He knows our faith is shaky.  He even knows we take his name in vain more than we should and some of us have potty mouths.  But more importantly, he knows our hearts.  He knows we are the songs that he is orchestrating.  We are the movers and the shakers.  We are the dreamers, the rebels, the fighters, the forgotten, the strong, and the broken.  We are his children.  We are his music.  Together, we are a society of souls that are seeking to make this world a better place.

God wants all of us to remember that without working together, we will be out of sync.  But if we can learn to look past the judgment our society bestows upon one another and create the music together, we just might create the masterpiece he has in mind.

Children have the ability to sing from the heart better than most adults.  I will never have a biological child and I’m dealing and coping with that issue.  But that doesn’t mean that the songs the children sing, don’t help to heal the pain.  It’s a reminder that God is in charge.  I’m not in charge of anything and I struggle so hard with this because I’m a fixer.  I like to fix things.  Unfortunately, there are some things in life that people can’t fix.  God is the only remedy.  He grants us things like music to remind us that we aren’t alone.  We can feel like the world is crashing down on us but if we use that to our advantage, then we can create something beautiful and majestic.

Recently, I came to a very hurtful realization.  Many of you saw the last blog and know someone had hurt me greatly.  If I’m honest with myself, the signs had been there all along.  I just didn’t want to see what I knew to be true.  I wanted to place all the blame on the person who hurt me and I didn’t want to see what I had done.  For that, I have only myself to blame.  It made me feel as though I could never trust my gut or my heart again.  I was angry with God and this individual and all I could see was negative.  While I still struggle some with this, I’m seeing the music.  God gave me a fresh set of eyes.  He gave me new songs to write.  And he gave me more love than I thought I was worth.  I cried until I couldn’t cry anymore.  My throat hurt from all the crying.  Then I started to write.  And write.  And write.  Pretty soon, I had at least five new songs that were composed.

I understood that God was allowing me to sort through the hurt by writing the music.  While I may never understand fully why things happened the way they did, I’ve come to realize that I alone do not control much of anything.  God gave me free will.  If I turn and focus only on the negative and not the light of God, then I’m doomed to darkness.  No thanks.  I’ll stay towards the light.  I’d rather have God in my life than have the Cruella De Ville’s of the world try to extinguish me.  I love God.  I may not measure up to everyone’s expectations but I know that the music that is in my soul is beautiful.  So is the music in you – beautiful.  God didn’t create us to be ugly.  It’s what we carry inside that shines through.ou this week.  Find the music of your soul.  I’m not talking about music groups.  I’m talking about the music that moves you most.  When do you hear God the loudest?  What music propels you to do the things you thought were impossible?  Get in touch with the inner you.  You may just find a new song that needs to be played within your hearts.  Peace.

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