God Only Knows

God Only Knows – a sentiment that I think people misunderstand. The truth is that if you are a person of faith, you believe that there is a higher being that knows you intimately and thoroughly. The power of belief is immeasurable. The feeling of being alone and afraid is familiar. We try to pick up the pieces when the memories keep invading our thoughts. Our hearts migrate to moments in time that affect us in positive and negative ways. We crave the unconditional love that we believe exists.

Every Spiritual retreat I’ve been on in my life has granted me a renewed energy. My faith walk has gotten stronger because of the ties that I’ve felt by exposing my fears and trusting God. It’s been my belief that no matter what I do to screw up in life, God only knows where my heart is and how my actions are killing me inside. I believe that God sees when others have done me wrong and vice versa. I don’t believe in perfection. Even when things appear perfect, there is always a flaw that we may not see with the naked eye, but God knows where those imperfections lie.

God only knows the thoughts that rage in my mind. He knows when lies come out of my mouth and when truths pour out. He understands when I’m confused and floundering, in pain, joy, love, and scared. God only knows me even when I have no clue who I am.
I say these things because of my faith in God. I recognize the Bible stories and know that God will have a field day with me when judgment day comes. I dread that day even though I believe in a higher being. I pray for forgiveness from my sins and understand from the Bible God will forgive me, but that doesn’t take away from the fear of meeting God someday.

People let us down all the time because we’re human and make mistakes. But it’s imperative to recognize that we don’t know everything. I think one of the biggest dangers we impose on ourselves is the concept of knowing everything when it’s evident we know very little. That’s why it’s crucial to continue educating ourselves. Every day presents an opportunity to learn new things and meet new people. Perception is a dangerous and accurate tool because there are instances where our perception is spot on and other times where we exist with our rose-colored glasses. Some folks tend to do as they please without thinking about the long-term consequences, nor do they care. Other people tend to overthink and wait for opportunities until they’ve waited so long that the opportunities slip through their grasp. Many people feel invisible and that their contributions don’t matter. They couldn’t be more wrong.

As a society, we have many who choose to be vocal about issues around them and others who clam up. The truth is that our struggles are not only real, but we all need to feel like we matter. We crave attention when things are going well and tend to shut people out when we are hurting. We want to tackle things in our way and not be swayed by the opinions of others. When we are in pain, we tend to hide our pain from those we love only to find out that the masks we put on are for our benefit and not those of others. Too often, people see through our disguises.

What is your perception of the afterlife? Some folks have had experiences to see the first steps of passing through and have been fortunate enough to come back and recall their experiences. They give people a small taste of what’s to come. I believe there is a God. Do I dread when it’s my time? Well, yes and no. But no matter what life brings me in challenges and opportunities, I know in my heart that God is walking the path with me.

I don’t talk about my faith much because I choose to use my experiences to help others. I remember being very wild in my late teens and early twenties. I turned my back on God and didn’t want to deal with my actions. I just wanted to have fun. I wasn’t kidding when I said that I could outdrive most of the men I knew. I loved danger, and I craved it. I sought thrills every way I could get them. I should have been dead at least three different times throughout my life. God only knows why I am still here.

The truth is that we all get lost throughout our lives. We fall off course at various points and don’t always understand how to get back up. But if we are willing to admit our struggles, we have starting points to move from instead of standing still. It doesn’t matter if you believe in God. What does matter is that you remember it’s okay to fail. It’s going to happen more than you would like in your life. It’s also healthy to ask for help when you are trying to push everyone else away.

No matter what obstacles you may be facing, remember the opportunities life grants. This world will have struggles throughout our lives, and people will never completely agree with each other. Lean on others in tough times, communicate better, and forgive more because holding grudges hurt us in the long run. Assuming you know what someone else did or didn’t do won’t solve problems. Slamming each other on social media won’t do anything but divide each other. God only knows we had enough division in this country throughout history. So today, it’s a new day with changes in store. Take on the world without trying to please everyone else. Start by feeling better about yourself and move forward. Something tells me when you stop worrying about what everyone else may think, you will begin to change the world for the better. Have a great day, everyone.

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