The World Before You

What does it mean to have the world before you? To most of us, it’s the opportunities that await us. We don’t always feel ready to take on more responsibility, but we grow from experiences that make us uncomfortable. I can not thank all of you enough for helping me grow with my writing and experiences. I’m grateful for each of you that takes the time to read the blog, and I hope it helps you in a small way.

I’ve had the week from hell, and it’s only the middle of the week. I had a customer who pushed every button I’ve got, and I’ve had to put out fires with him and start a batch of fires with many other folks. There are problems that nave needed to be corrected. The corporate office has held off getting the issues repaired for various reasons, yet tensions escalated so much that they finally set a motion plan.

Isn’t that the way things go? What should be common sense to most of us is rarely executed in business. One of the challenges I face daily is learning how to keep my cool when my southern accent gets more potent, the madder I get. If you ever want to get under a Southern Woman’s skin, keep pushing her buttons until the southern charm wears off and the temper comes out like a bull snorting, ready to attack. That customer threw a fit to me, my bosses, and anyone who would listen to him until he got his way. I’m a good manager, and he made me feel about as big as an ant. I go out of my way to help anyone I can because I believe in helping people. However, I wanted to tell him what lake to jump into so he’d cool off in his case.

I usually love my job, but this week has made me want to walk away so that I could recharge my batteries. I started thinking about positive messages and realized that I was allowing someone else to have power over my mood. As I began to calm down, my first thought was that I needed a drink. Then I realized that was not what I needed. I needed to let out some steam with physical activity. I went home after work, changed out of my work shirt, and went straight to the park. I’m always hoping to run into a friend of mine there because he makes my day better. I didn’t encounter him or his dog, but I did manage to take my frustration out on the trails. I don’t get to the park much anymore, and when I do, I cherish that time. Nature gives me a feeling of freedom that’s difficult to explain.

This world has all kinds of problems and solutions. We have people from all walks of life with answers to questions that we don’t understand. We need each other. We can’t expand the world around us if we limit ourselves too comfortable situations. I may not like the customer I have to deal with, but I respect him and the conditions he brings up. He could be a little nicer, but that’s on him. I’m the one that has to look in the mirror at my reflection and see if I’m reflecting a better version of myself than I could. We have choices for a reason.
One thing we all need to work on is having patience. It’s easy to have patience when things are going the way we want. But what about when we get rattled? Life is full of good and bad days. The biggest obstacle we face is dealing with our insecurities and fears. Once we decide that being afraid is over, the rest may not be easy, but it does become attainable.

Love is the key ingredient to opening the world before you. If you love what you do and have passion, you won’t feel like you’re working. If you love the people you work with, you’ll feel a sense of home. I’m grateful that I’ve found a family at my work. That hasn’t always been the case, but fortunately, I found a community of support that makes the difficult days easier to deal with while I’m there.

If you have the kinds of folks around you that make your job hell, stay as calm as you can and then take the stress out in healthy ways. Deal with your emotions away from the situation. Don’t bottle everything up, and learn to let others help you. Who knows? You might find new friends and great support along the way. Have a great day, everyone.

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