Happy Easter

Silhouette of wooden cross with shroud. Happy Easter concept illustration or greeting card. Religious symbol of faith against cloudy sunrise sky.

Easter is finally here. If you are a religious person or identify with a religious label, you may be celebrating today because it’s a reminder that Jesus was raised from the dead. The act of a selfless man sacrificing himself and coming back to life to redeem people and their sins is mind-boggling.

My heart is whole today. Not only do I get to celebrate the day with people I love most, but I finally recognized that it’s okay not to be perfect. If we don’t hurt the people we love, we don’t live. We are always going to do things that affect others in a way that we don’t mean, but we can’t let those mistakes dictate the rest of our lives. Easter has given me new hope. It reminded me that joy is in the unlikeliest of places, and hope comes to those who allow our hearts to open.

As you celebrate the day, remember to cherish the time with those most precious to you. The Easter bunny may have come and seen your families, and there will be lots of stories to share throughout this time. So today, enjoy the meals, the fellowship, and the time with each other. It’s a prelude to the best opportunities life has to offer.

Have a Happy Easter, everyone!

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