Maintaining balance

Not long ago, I was feeling torn from the emotions of holding onto the past. You see, the past is just that – the past. Yet, when we don’t want to move on from that part of our lives, we find ourselves stuck in a neutral mindset. It doesn’t matter what scenario we live in if we have a pattern that exhibits behaviors seen in movies like Groundhog Day. The difference is that the days continue to move forward even when we don’t allow ourselves the ability to remove the past from our lives. This action is why it becomes imperative to balance yourself.

Balance is critical in our lives. When we do too much of one thing and don’t spread ourselves out, we become limited in our interactions. When I walk, I often find that I’m off-balance for two reasons; I have plantar fasciitis, and my feet have been balking over years of mistreatment. But, when I stopped exercising regularly, that made me even more off-balance because I trained myself into poor habits. When I resumed walking, my balance began to improve as well as my physical endurance. I’m still working on re-structuring my body, but the point is that when I took away a positive activity, I received negative results. I have to find my balance to resume my normal day-to-day activities. The second reason is when I chose to walk away from structured routines; I sent my emotional state into a tailspin. I don’t need to have every second of the day dictated. I need consistency to stay focused. Balance is one thing that allows me to exert energy into other areas of my life.

I found some helpful hints that might help you as well. Suppose you are dealing with a balanced life already, bravo. But if you need a gentle nudge, many people struggle with the same issues you may be dealing with in their lives. Here are some of the helpful suggestions I’ve encountered.

  1. Turn It Off. Disconnect on the weekend. Life is hectic. There are no two ways about the chaos that we all endure, but the important thing is to find time for you. Disconnect from the obstacles that weigh you down for long periods. Take the time to spend with loved ones. It might be friends, family, or both that you choose to unwind with, but the important thing is to evolve.
  2. Trim, Trim, Trim. It’s a given that if your life is overflowing, you will never be able to achieve balance and manage it all. Where can you cut back? It’s essential to recognize the things in our lives that drain us and start trimming the excess negative energy away from our lives. You are doing something that you don’t like but don’t want to tell others that you detest the activity. Could you change anything about the action to where you can still get to spend time with the people you want without feeling drained? Look at the options you have for a healthier viewpoint.
  3. Pay Attention to Your Health. You know your body better than anyone. You understand how far you can push yourself. Mental Health has become recognized more over the last decade, and that’s a blessing because stress kills. We all have been through trauma. The question becomes, how do you deal with the stress and anxiety you face? A healthy diet and exercises are significant factors to balancing your health, so communicating what you deal with in your life. Never forget your importance.
  4. Minimize Toxins. There are many artificial colorings and flavors along with ingredients that we consume daily. It’s essential to understand what goes in a body. Be aware of how certain foods make you feel. Do various ingredients make you more energized or sluggish? Labels have become crucial over the years at discerning harmful or healthy ingredients we consume. Choose knowledge over ignorance.
  5. Spend Time Alone. What if you are not the type of person that likes to be alone? It’s understandable, but we all need time alone. No one else can gather your thoughts and emotions but you. It’s your life that you are living. Take the space to sort out your issues.
  6. Relationships Do Matter. When you surround yourself with people who value you, you find yourself in healthy relationships, but if all you do is talk smack with those you associate with, you will never get out of the rut of gossip. Learn what healthy relationships can provide, and don’t settle for those who disrespect and de-value you. You matter as much as a healthy friendship and connection with others.
  7. Treat Yourself. This action doesn’t mean to do this every day. When we find ourselves needing a pick-me-up, it can be beneficial to treat ourselves to a goodie. Maybe you get a specialty coffee or drink to reward yourself for a difficult time; you might go out to eat at a place you’ve been craving or even pick up ingredients to try a new dish. Perhaps you sign up for a class that interests you. No matter what you do to treat yourself; make it something that you appreciate.
  8. Explore the World. I used to think that this was only something that people with money got to do. The truth is that if you want to explore an area terrible enough, you will find ways to make it happen. I don’t envy the traveling I’ve done and can’t wait to do more of it. Be willing to open yourself up to the possibilities of exploring the world. You don’t have to leave the country to explore somewhere new. You could start by examining your back yard so to speak. There are always new businesses that offer a variety that you may never have experienced. Figure out what you want to explore and make the provisions to make it happen.

I don’t know the struggles you are all facing. I understand that every person needs to find and maintain balance in their lives, or the scales tip over and weigh people down. No matter what you are facing, I hope you can see your worth and find the best coping mechanisms possible healthily. Stay positive and focused. Every day is a gift that has wonders that we have yet to discover. Who knows? You might find that the skills presented will teach you new ways to balance the insanity we all live with throughout our lives. I hope you all have a great day and find your balance.

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