Peace in My Heart

Tensions in this world continue to escalate. People are judgmental over numerous issues while we are all chastized for our choices that fit our lives. Others do not agree with the narrative we choose. Living in this world can be complicated, frustrating, incredible, and magical. We all strive to live in peace, yet peace appears to be evasive on many different levels.

You don’t have to look far to see the noise surrounding all of us. COVID 19 has affected our lives by canceling out what common sense should tell us. Panic and paranoia have overtaken industries. While there is no doubt that the virus has been a bone of contention, people have not heeded the warnings and spread the virus without thinking that their actions would cause further dilemmas.

Many people around me are hurling insults at people they don’t know because they disagree with the other person’s viewpoints. Nothing is coming from this other than division. Instead of dealing with intruding issues on their lives, they are inciting a ripped relationship with one another that may never repair. The anger and resentment are real and tangible. Compromise is a word that few people are using.

I know what it’s like to find yourself in the middle of tense confrontations with people you love and care about and find yourself questioning how you will recover from these problems in the world. I found some helpful ideas that are helping me get peace back in my life. I hope these points help you in your quest to find the harmony in your heart you may crave.    

 Step 1: Remove Yourself From the Situation

It’s easy to say this but stepping away from toxic environments is challenging. If you are around people who have nothing better to do than hurl insults at everyone and everything, they will accomplish little. Stepping away from those who live lives full of drama and judgment can give you peace of mind and environment. If you are in the middle of a negative situation, you may need to step back and ask yourself if you are helping out or enabling. It is a tough call. Every case is different. What is essential is you recognize your needs and what will help you achieve the peace you crave.  

Step 2: Name the Feelings You Are Experiencing

This action is challenging. When you are experiencing numerous emotions, it cannot be easy to name them. I’ve learned to write down what I feel. That action may not work for you. Some of you are talented in music, art, crafts, and other areas to help you identify your emotions. If you can start naming what you are feeling, you can begin to sort out those emotions and figure out why you are in the situation that is currently affecting your life. Once you figure out those emotions, you can begin to change your behavior and how a problem could affect you.  

Step 3: When Have You Felt This Feeling Before?

I’ve learned experience is an incredible instructor. When I was young, I didn’t have situations to compare. As I’ve aged, I have acquired wisdom that I wish I didn’t possess at times, and other times I’m grateful. Knowledge is power, and power is a beautiful tool we can use to grant us peace when you know yourself well enough to understand what you feel and why that’s an incredible gift.  

Step 4: How Did You Feel When it First Happened?  

In the past, I was too naive to understand how to permit myself to walk away from adverse environments. When I have recalled the past, I have been able to change the future. Actions have consequences. If we don’t learn from our mistakes, we will continue to create the same chaos and mayhem in our lives.  

Step 5: Wrap Your Self Up in Unconditional Love and Acceptance

You do not have to please everyone else around you. One of the most challenging lessons I’ve had to learn is if I didn’t love myself first, I wouldn’t be worth a damn in a relationship. Get to know yourself and permit yourself to love all the components you comprise because there is only one you. You aren’t going to please everyone else in this world. But you are the one that has to look in the mirror. You see a reflection every time you look in the mirror. It’s not about the clothes you wear or the amount of money you make. Accept yourself for who you are and not who everyone else wants you to become.  

Step 6: Remind Your Self of Your Imperfection, Worthiness, and Wholeness.

There is not a single person on this planet who is perfect. We strive for perfection every day, and that is a blessing. When the rest of the world is tearing you down, remember that other people’s opinions may be emotionally challenging, but it’s the opinion you have of yourself that matters. After all, you are unique. That’s why none of us look precisely alike. We all bring different gifts and attributes to this world.  

Step 7: Take Some Deep Breaths and Complete the Meditation.  

One of the best things we can do in this life is to catch our breath and breathe. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of life overtake your sense of peace. The few minutes you are taking for yourself are giving you a chance to recharge your emotional batteries. Do not let others unplug your zen time.  

No matter what you may think, it’s essential to take care of yourself and give yourself permission for peace. We have enough drama following us every day.  

When you can find peace in your heart, you will sleep better, become more active, have a stronger mentality, and appreciate the little things more than ever. My hope for all of you is that you can squeeze in a bit of time for peace for yourselves. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday.  

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