Power of Words

This phrase is one of my favorite statements because there is a destructive power in words. Words can incite change for positive or negative behaviors. We are impacted by what we say because we can’t take it back once it’s said. When you tell someone to “Kiss your grits, or kiss your ass” that statement has a strong meaning. Those words leave little to the imagination. If you compliment someone who may be having a rough day, that action also impacts that individual. We don’t always say the right thing. A majority of folks fail to think before speaking. I’ve gotten better about it, but I’m still struggling with this concept.

There is a little girl at my church who lost her mother to cancer in the last year. Every time I see her, she lights up my heart because she isn’t afraid to use words to express how she feels. If you ever want to know the truth of what kids are thinking, ask them. Their words ring more authentic than most adults. The kids will tell you if they are bored or if they want something. Sometimes I think it’s a shame that we lose so much of our innocence as we transition into adults. We’ll never get that back, but we can learn to pay attention to the body language around us. We can learn to be a little more empathetic and even tolerate others we disagree with because the bottom line is we will never fix others. Fixing ourselves is key to moving forward.

I’ve been challenging myself to learn a new word every day. The day I wrote this blog, the name was meticulous. I had to chuckle when I saw that because I am particular about how I handle various tasks. I tend to write out lists and mark them as I go. Sometimes this is a great way to ensure what I want to achieve gets done, while other times, it’s a little questionable. I’ve been a longtime reader of Reader’s Digest and have flipped to the “It pays to enrich your word power” section numerous times. There is something about words that is difficult to describe.

Words can become weapons. Edward Bulwer-Lytton said it best when he wrote, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Words have the power to destroy relationships, repair hurt among people, create chaos and division and heal and unite. No matter where we are in life, words give us the direction we crave.

When I’ve been distraught, people have raised me with words. When I was on cloud nine, I experienced joy and heartbreak because of the terms used by those I cared for because of jealousy. Growing up, the words I encountered were from those who wanted me to be consistently embarrassed. I was an easy target. We don’t realize the ramifications of our terms until it’s too late.

Be careful of what words leave your lips. Once they are set free into the universe, they won’t become captured back. Sometimes the most challenging thing we can do is let our actions be our words. Saying words with our bodies can be as calculating as saying words out of our mouths. You never know what others are dealing with because life is volatile. Use your words for positive changes in other people’s lives. The more we lift each other with our terms, the more this world has the propensity to change for the better. Have a great Tuesday, everyone.

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