Walking with Love

Have you ever watched someone who struggles with disabilities walk? For something so mindless that many of us can achieve, millions of people can not physically walk or have difficulty walking. Walking is something we see physically. What about the spiritual and mental walks that every person in this world takes?

Let me tell you a story. Many years ago, others impacted me emotionally into a shell of a person I didn’t recognize. People outside my usual circle informed me that I was too smart not to be excelling and that I was a disappointment to those around me. I began to believe this description. My heart became heavy, my legs went through the motions, my core was cut open, and my depression was high. I didn’t recognize the signs because I was too deflated to see what was in front of me. I became numb to mental walking.

The right mentality can overcome many problems. The challenges we face are not uncommon. My situation isn’t unique. What I learned from that period in my life is if I wanted to change my story, I had to be willing to start writing it the way I wanted. We are what we believe.

When we see ourselves in a positive light, we attract others who share that sentiment. The same is correct for when we see ourselves negatively. One of my favorite things to do in life is to do something for others anonymously. Seeing the impact that little gestures do for others can be fulfilling and rewarding. I would leave a little treat on my co-worker’s desk and not let them know who did it or why. When they came in, they had smiles on their faces, and it was amazing at the transformation in productivity and interaction that a small gesture of love brought.

Since this is a Monday, why not try it out for yourself? You don’t have to buy anything. You could look up a quote of the day that has a positive message and share it with others. Maybe surprise someone that always looks out for you with a small gesture. We’re all dealing with complex journeys.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter what we all believe. The bottom line is that we have to look out for each other. When I see so much bickering in this world, it reiterates the need for kindness. There are enough people who criticize. Hell, we all do. To say that we don’t is a lie. The way we treat each other in this walk of life determines how we respond to each other. When we treat each other with stern, aggressive behavior, it’s little to no wonder how those we interact with are fearful or skittish. If you need further proof, look at abused animals. When they interact with those they don’t know, they may be hesitant to be outgoing with those who contact them. It’s the same principle in our lives.

Love is the one thing we can give each other without limits. So what if you don’t like a person. You can be kind. Who knows? You might find out they aren’t the wrong person to know. You don’t have to love someone right off the bat. You can start with a simple act, and if that person is a jerk to you, don’t let them take you down a difficult path. We’re all walking this earth together. Some of us are walking down the same courses while others create their way. There is nothing wrong with being on journeys. We learn from difficult journeys. That’s part of the reason that life is fickle. If you are walking a walk that you don’t like, change the pace. Learn to go in new directions. You can walk life with love and peace. Something tells me that you will make a difference to all you encounter no matter where you are walking. Have a great Monday, everyone.

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