Promises. One word that I think most people are sick of hearing. We hear it from politicians, corporate big-wigs, personal relationships, and those with whom we have day-to-day conversations. But what about when we make promises to ourselves? We have only ourselves to hold accountable. When we make a New Years Resolution, we give ourselves a goal that becomes a promise to invoke change if taken a step further. Think about it this way. If you have additional pounds that you want to shed, what actions do you accept? You start by making a promise to yourself that things will be different this year and take steps to ensure that you meet those promises and expectations.  

I made a promise to myself this year. I promised myself that I would adhere to a strict schedule of writing my blog five days a week. So far, I’ve kept that promise. Some days are more difficult than others. When I’m struggling with depression and anxiety, it’s challenging to sit down and complete that task. I do it because I enjoy it. Writing is cathartic. It allows me to get my thoughts out there and hold myself accountable for my goals, dreams, and ambitions. Hopefully, I can keep inspiring others to keep pushing forward.  

I’ve lost many friends over the years for various reasons. Some have died while others drifted away. Some were never my friends but made me think they were. Once upon a time in my life, I promised myself that I wouldn’t allow my heart to become bitter. Life has tested that notion on many levels. Becoming bitter doesn’t solve anything. It makes your heart hard and doesn’t allow you to participate in the best parts of life. Eventually, you shut friends and family out, and before you know it, life passes you. I choose to stay involved with the world around me. It’s challenging to keep from comparing your success with those you love. If you find that you are guilty of this act, you may want to question why you feel it’s a competition.  

I’ve promised myself I would be out of debt by the end of 2022. I’m going to meet that goal. I’m proud of myself for taking control back in my life. Promises are easy to break. When my ex-husband promised me forever, I believed him. He could say the same of me. My point is when we become caught up in a moment; promises occur. Life intervenes, and those promises become even more challenging to keep. Here are a few things that I’ve found that might help you on your journey to keep your promises to yourself.

  1. I promise to myself that I will accept my strengths as well as my weaknesses.” This statement reflects something that we all need to remember. We are not perfect. We can strive for perfection, but even those who appear to achieve perfection will always find flaws. That is okay because we need reminding of our imperfections.  
  2. I will speak lovingly to myself.” There are enough people in this world who will tear you down. Don’t add fuel to the fire. Self-confidence is something that is nurturing. The more you believe that you are a person of worth and love, the better you can be there for others who may be struggling.  
  3. I will always keep in mind that I cannot control everything.” There are always going to be things in life we can’t control. We can not control the weather nor the actions of others. What we can control is how we choose to let those actions affect us. We can promise ourselves that when others hurt us, we will get back up and continue to move forward, even when life is complicated.
  4. I will choose my battles wisely.” I’ve heard this statement all my life, and I have promised myself that I will adhere to this statement. It’s easier said than done, but it’s important because if you are fighting battles all the time, you won’t have the strength to wage in a war.  
  5. I will forget the pains of the past but remember their lessons.” Don’t dwell on the past, but use the lessons you learned to keep forging forward. Yes, things hurt. Use those memories to build on. Those lessons may serve you well in the future.  
  6. “I promise to myself that I’ll maintain a stable peace of mind.” If you don’t allow others to take up negative space in your mindset, you will be amazed at what you learn. Do not let the actions of others belittle or bully you. Chances are, if they are doing this, they may be jealous and are taking out their jealousy on you.  
  7. I won’t compromise my values for anything.” Promise yourself that you won’t lose sight of who you are and what’s important to you. You don’t have to sell your soul to get ahead. Stay true to convictions.  

Like I mentioned earlier, these are a few tips I have found that have helped me. I hope you find they work for you as well. No matter what happens in life, I hope you promise to take each day as it comes and not for granted. Cherish the time you have with loved ones and learn from each other to gain insight into unknown worlds. Promises with substance create other commitments in the future. Something tells me that you are scratching the surface of optimistic promises in your lives. Promise yourself that you will build on what you are interested in and help change the world for the better. Have a great day, everyone.  

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