What Mirrors Don’t Show

Mirrors reflect our images onto a reflective source that shows us what it sees. It does not show the inner scars. It won’t tell you a person’s story but rather give you a glimpse of the shell that surrounds our bodies. We can see when hairs are physically out of place but can’t see the nerves wracked up inside us that make us want to pull every strand of hair out when our anxiety has peaked. Mirrors are a reflection of perception. They can show an illusion rather than what exists.
Take a look around you. When you look at yourself or those you work with, do you see people who are so vain that the mirror shows their outer beauty? The mirror can make them feel as if they are the “fairest of them all,” but in reality, they may be demons disguised as beautiful, majestic beings that are waiting to become showered with praise and adoration.

I have days I look in the mirror and see a person others see as a leader while I see the little girl bullied. I see the fat on my body and think that I’m not good enough. I know the confidence that is painted on my exterior while the interior is screaming to hide. The mirror shows a portion of my imperfections, while the internal mirror evaluates the mental ones. Does this sound familiar? If it does, you aren’t alone. There are imperfections we all find with ourselves. Embracing those imperfections is part of how we move forward with our lives. Do I have extra pounds that I’d love to distribute away? Sure. But I also have an incentive to be the best version of myself that I can.

Mirrors reflect how we feel about ourselves. Many people are not photogenic, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t flattering mirrors of energy that people need to replicate. Many people have made impressions upon me that I wish the world would mirror. When I see teachers going the extra mile for their students, it reiterates that students are experiencing the best opportunities life has to offer. Learning new skills gives us the confidence to propel us into more significant opportunities, and those opportunities create a path to loving ourselves and living our best life. Forget about the people who have put you down. They are not worth the air you breathe. When you look in that mirror, don’t look at yourself with the imperfections as a criticism of what’s wrong with you; instead, see how those imperfections make you unique.

Believe it or not, other people mirror you. We all have domino effects on each other. When we see someone we admire, we tend to emulate their behavior. When we see people we detest, we put up walls and don’t show the world the better versions of ourselves. Be willing to be vulnerable.
If I’ve learned anything over the last few decades, it’s that life will always put things in our way. People will always find ways to make you feel unworthy and inferior. What’s important is that you recognize you are worthy, lovable, capable, and bring unique abilities to the table. Don’t let the mirror image you see make you believe that you don’t have what others want. Take control of the image you want. When we stop looking for our imperfections, we find the beauty in what’s in front of us. Sometimes it takes imperfect photos to recognize that those imperfections make us perfect for other areas in life. We can always weigh our bodies, but we can’t weigh our spirit. As long as we can see inside ourselves for who we are and want to be, it won’t matter what the mirror tells us. Something tells me that each of you has spirits full of beauty that has yet to be discovered. Have a great day, everyone.

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