In The Blink of An Eye

Life can happen in the blink of an eye. One minute we are born, and it feels like no time passes before we are growing. We make many milestones and don’t recognize the gift of time that we possess. When we are young, we can’t wait to get to specific points in our lives, and once we get there, we wish we could go back. It feels like we are never satisfied. In many ways, those flashes of time define who we are and why we live the way we do.

Kids with imagination are superb. The reason? They don’t let life keep them from their dreams. I watch the kids at my church brim with excitement. In my mind, the kids that are now adults are still kids. It seems like I’ve blinked and watched them grow from infants to adults who are now having families of their own. Before the pandemic, I remember looking at pictures from the last few years and becoming dumbfounded at the youth’s changes. The kids I remember as being little are now in college, starting their families, or serving in the military.

Relationships are the same way. Some relationships are healthy and flourish in a magnanimous way, while others are detrimental. I remember being happy that I was in a severe but miserable relationship because the relationship existed on lies, not trust or respect. In the blink of an eye, my life changed. I started falling for a mirage. I transferred emotions that were dormant for a long time and believed I had met the right person. It took a long time for me to understand that relationships have to require teamwork and communication. A healthy relationship won’t exist with those elements. I truly believed that the person I loved was an individual who wouldn’t play games with my head and heart. In the grand scheme of things, I held out hope for years. Later, I blinked, and life had passed me. Opportunities had changed. I had to become more assertive on my feet than I had been previously. I had to stop falling for people who would not show the same respect or support I had given. Learning how to redefine ourselves is not an easy feat. It takes guts to recognize our faults. It also takes incentives and initiatives within to recognize our worth. Once those attributes accomplish this, it’s incredible how we discover that life may go fast, but we have the power to make life meaningful.

If you need an example of how life flies, look in the mirror. Are you discovering gray hairs or wrinkles that weren’t there before? Do you notice extra weight that may have found its way to your thighs, buttocks, and stomach? We all have things in our lives that let us know we are getting older. Our joints may balk when the weather starts to get worse, or they may withdraw at specific types of movement. My knees are complaining today because they sense lousy weather around the corner. In my mind, I am still in my twenties. I’m acutely aware that I’m fifty, but I refuse to let my mind feel older. Maybe it’s because I’m childless. I have a sense of wonder and don’t want to keep myself from prospering in all walks of life. I choose to believe that learning everything I can help me in the long run. I recognize that I’m not immortal, and I wouldn’t want to be either. This world gets more violent by the day. But I can hope that my life will have a purpose so that when I’m no longer present on this planet, I will have made a positive impact on those I leave behind.

My friends who are parents have said that they can’t believe how quickly time passes where their children are becoming adults. College isn’t far away for many students. Soon, their kids will enter the workforce and become bosses. Part of life requires accepting people for who they are. If there’s one regret I have, I took time with loved ones who have passed for granted.

Take the time to cherish your loved ones. Make a plan for the future. Time is precious. Before you realize what’s happened, you will blink, and life will have jumped ahead by decades. Your memories will take you back to different times in your lives, but you will never get the moments you cherished most back.

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