When Dreams Help Give Inspiration

I’ve said this before and meant it. My mind is like a walking movie theater. When I dream, my imagination can create some doozies of ideas. I’ve dreamed about jumping out of an airplane while on a motorcycle. I’ve envisioned fairies wreaking havoc on society. I’ve created portals and dimensions in societies where all it takes is to think about where you want to go, and poof, you’re there. But lately, my dreams are taking me on different adventures. I dreamed that I was sleeping at my church on a pew. Why? I have no clue. But the strange thing was that there was a guy there that I don’t know well. While I slept, he took my socks off and wrote on my foot. Several people watched what he did in my dream, and when I woke, they told me to check my feet before I put my socks on. When I did, I noticed he wrote the words, “When you least expect it.” I looked around to see if this man was there, and he vanished like a fart in the wind. This was strange because it almost felt like the beginning of a mystery story. I have no clue, but if I dream about more of the story, I plan on writing how the story will go.

The thing about dreams is that they can represent a lot of things. They might represent changes in your life, visions of things to come, or things that have been. When we dream, we see the world in a different context. I love the notion of time-travel. One of the ghost stories I remember reading talked about how a couple of women in France were on a stroll and stumbled upon a deserted homestead, but when they entered the grounds, they found themselves back in time when people filled the land. They saw the celebrations in the townsfolk streets and didn’t understand how they could exist when everything was deserted. The story is from the Petit Trianon in Versailles. It is said the women could see the phantoms of Marie Antoinette, and many from the town. This was in the early 1900s. Can you imagine what went through these women’s minds? They saw the past come to life, and they weren’t dreaming. Their stories spoke of possibilities to see slivers of time. Many thought they dreamt up the story. They knew they didn’t. Each woman heard and saw different things. Only one of them heard the music. Some might say that they each had the unique ability to see the fragments in time that pertained to each of their abilities.

I think some of the most creative people in this world are the ones who dream constantly. It is both a gift and a curse to see dreams vividly. If you have the ability to remember what you dream, you are among a small group. Most people don’t remember their dreams. I’ve often dreamed of being able to levitate while I sleep. Sometimes I feel my body floating, and when there is a sense of falling, I feel like my soul is slamming back into me. Is it a reality that I’m feeling like that or a perception? My guess is perception. See, that’s what’s great about letting yourself dream. You can transport yourself anywhere. You get the chance to create characters and worlds that have yet to be acknowledged. Imaginary? Absolutely. Healthy? Yes, because it shows your mind is staying active. As long as you can discern imagination from reality, then it’s healthy. What’s dangerous is when you can no longer decipher the difference.

I’ve noticed that the more my life has a lot of stress and anxiety, the more intense my dreams get. I don’t usually have romantic dreams. Mine is more along the lines of action and intrigue, living life on the edge, exploring the science fiction world where space and time intersect. My dreams tend to take me to a world of animation and creation. For example, I had a dream recently where a dinosaur had the ability to transform itself into a spaceship. On earth, the dinosaur roamed the land, but it had the ability to turn into a ship and leave when provoked. The dinosaur could communicate telepathically and was part alien, part creature, and part AI. In many ways, the dinosaur had the ability to cloak itself from its prey and conceal itself by leaving and entering unknown galaxies. I told you I have strange dreams. This dinosaur had the ability to do what human magicians and scientists could do. Fortunately, when I woke up from my dream, that dream didn’t continue. It would have been cool on some levels, but I was beginning to think that dinosaur was on meth or something.

As people, we don’t have to think like everyone else. Our dreams don’t have to be like each other to be interesting. What matters is that we don’t limit ourselves or our dreams. Your dreams might be strange to everyone else around you, but that doesn’t mean they are bad dreams. Some people put a lot of stock in dream interpretation. I’m guilty of this at times because if I have a dream that isn’t a creative one, but rather one of the people I know, I often wonder if I’m being told something or if it’s my subconscious way of dealing with drama. When I allow myself time to sit down and write the dreams out right after I wake up, I’ve found that I can remember more detail than I had not. Sometimes our actions create our dreams. For instance, if you are dealing with a lot of stress, you might have dreams to help you deal with the issues you face. Dreams are not the answer to everything, but they help us see our problems in a new light.

My hope for all of you is that you find your dreams not to be scary. I hope you can use those dreams to fulfill your hopes and desires. At the end of the day, we are all working hard to keep a better life for ourselves and our families. Dreaming is one of the best things we can do to keep ourselves interested in learning more. So, when you can get some rest, I hope you have sweet dreams. I’d love to hear some of your dreams. Who knows? You may be sitting on the next bestseller of stories. Enjoy the day, everyone.

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