What would it be like to switch lives with your nemesis? Would it be eye-opening? Would you have a new appreciation for the drama they live with? Would you be more sympathetic to the struggles they deal with? When I watch movies about people who switch lives, it’s always interesting how they each have a better appreciation of what the other deals with regularly by the end of the movie.

Several people in my life grate under my skin. They are beyond exasperating to me. Everything has to be their way or no way. It’s taken me a while to understand that they are used to things being done in a certain manner, and the rest of the world doesn’t march to their beat. I think we all get to the point that we forget how the people we associate with deal with the world. Some of us run from confrontation. But do we have the strength to go far? Sometimes yes. Other times no. But allowing ourselves to switch our attitudes by opening our hearts and minds is one of the many ways we can begin to imagine another person’s life and what they deal with regularly. We don’t have to be psychic. Compassion and kindness can go a long way.

If I were to switch lives with a nemesis, what would I find out? I’d probably find out that person was stressed to the max that they dealt with psychological scars from the past. They may have been influenced by family and peers who wouldn’t accept laziness in any capacity. Or they may have grown up with expectations that most people couldn’t fathom. I’ll never know unless I open myself up to learn about them and their world.

We don’t have to live with Hollywood expectations to learn how switching lives with someone can alter our perceptions. But it would be interesting to walk in someone else’s shoes for just a spell. If nothing else, it would give us a new appreciation for what others in the world are dealing with and why there are so much anger and frustration floating around. I hope can envision a lot more kindness and positive energy with one another. We all have the power to make this world a better place. We have to be willing to understand why switching our mentality, and even our attitudes might be a good thing. Otherwise, learning to compromise will continue to fail, and empathy will be on the road to a collision. Get to know those that you wouldn’t ordinarily. You might be surprised at the internal switch that happens in your heart.

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