Diamonds in the Rough

One of the things I hate most is when successful people look at the rest of us like scammers or peons. I recently connected with a person on social media who has a large following and accused me of being a scammer. I wasn’t trying to sell anything, nor did I have any interest in being one of his groupies. I accepted him because I thought he was a cool individual. Not one with an ego problem. That’s when I was reminded that I was judging him. He’s probably a diamond in the rough, but at the moment, he’s acting more like a lump of coal waiting to be formed.

It’s interesting how people form opinions. There are a lot of us that society doesn’t acknowledge. Sure they want our money and our following but could care less about the skills and talents we bring to the table. If we don’t speak the same language they do, power, connections, and money, we are not considered worthy of a conversation. Nor do we seem to be acknowledged for being hard workers. For those who know me well, I study a lot. When I’m not in school, I’m finding programs that allow me to keep learning. In many ways, I am making up for the years I threw away getting high, drinking, partying, and not caring how my life went. Those who choose to bully others, remember that your actions affect others. No, it isn’t your problem how people react to you. But when those actions cause self-esteem issues for many people, don’t be surprised when those actions propel others to make better changes in their lives.

There are a lot of people who are diamonds in the rough. You may be one of them. There comes the point in all of our lives where we shine. Some people shine brighter than others, but we all bring something special to the table. For me, that point is overcoming my fear of being accepted for who I am. I don’t make a ton of money. I work hard for everything I have, and I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. I have a good heart, and I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. I’m a loyal friend to a fault and don’t always know when to walk away. I’m one of many diamonds in the rough who learn that we all may be different calibers of carats. But what matters is we recognize that each of us has the ability to shine in our right and time.

Let me give you all a prime example of a diamond in the rough. I have an excellent friend of mine who recently served time for a crime he did not do. He is not willing to change who he is while looking for a job or anything else. He still has long hair, a goatee, and walks around in clothes that are more appropriate to the ’90s. He’s a gentle soul who loves horror movies, all kinds of comic heroes, and tons of anime. When people see him, the first thought that goes through their heads is not usually one of respect. He’s knowledgeable, but the assumption is that he isn’t worth much to society. That’s where society is wrong. They could learn much from him. He’s going blind and is constantly researching new things. He doesn’t function like everyone else but is very interested in graphic arts. These acts that people choose to label him for are why our society doesn’t want to listen to those that are different from what society deems fitting. If the average person disagrees with mainstream media, they are chastised and told not to rock the boat. The last I checked, we are all different. If we were all meant to be equal, each one of us would have the same amount of splendor when we shine. He hasn’t found his niche yet, but he will. When he does, he will sparkle brightly. His appearance won’t matter because he will have made his mark, and his legacy won’t be just a spec of dust. It will have a lasting impact.

Sometimes it takes a muse. We all have a muse in different forms. Sometimes it’s a person; other times, it’s an animal or a special object that inspires us to come forward and show the gifts we have to others. No matter what or where the inspiration comes from, as long as we all have the power to shine and make a difference, then we are all diamonds in the rough.

I have another friend who is studying to become an attorney. Her brothers’ case made her want to help others prove their innocence when the world chooses to lay a guilty verdict without weighing the evidence. Her heart is huge. Her mouth is lethal. She is not afraid to voice an opinion, and she will argue with the best of them. She doesn’t let the fear of consequences prevent her from fighting for the rights of others. Our system may work, but there are a lot of cases where the system is flawed. Too many people have been wrongly convicted to state there aren’t problems within our system. When we disagree with someone, it’s easy to accuse that person of a crime without thinking or caring about long-term repercussions.

So before you make assumptions about a person, try listening and not assuming. If I’ve learned anything over the last year, it’s been that my labels of people have been way off. I don’t like it when I’m labeled, so why did I think it was alright to label others? It’s not. In fact, it isn’t very respectful. Every person on this earth is comprised of multiple layers. We are never the same as we were the previous day. We evolve and hopefully grow into better people. The world doesn’t owe us a damn thing, and we all need to recognize that not everyone is out to screw us over. Yes, many people will. I’m not saying lower your guard. I am saying that before you judge someone, at least give them the chance to prove they aren’t who you label them. You might be surprised at the diamonds in the rough you discover.

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