Use Your Voice to Help Others

Sometimes standing up for what you believe in doesn’t align with corporate big-whigs. I graduated from a local Ivy League school. I received a top-notch education, which has helped me expand my horizons and knowledge. Over the last few years, the school has been phasing the Adult program out of its curriculum. These decisions anger me for two reasons. The first is the Adult program prevented the school from going bankrupt when it was struggling. The second is this comes across as a form of discrimination. Some of you may disagree with me, and if you do, I apologize to you. Many students over the age of 23 encounter discrimination. Life experience is valuable. Sometimes the experiences and skills older people have can be beneficial to many companies.

I get part of the logic. Adults do not give the schools as much money. However, the adults were the ones that kept the school from closing. To shut the program out completely is a slap to the alumni who had the opportunity to experience higher education. Adult education is one example, but multiple topics encounter criticism.

Let’s say you know someone who is a victim of bullying. Do you intervene with the bullies or stand by while the person suffers? What about online bullying? Regardless of who voted for who, I saw more bashing from both sides of the political parties than I cared to admit. Tempers are flaring with little provoking. Staying silent may seem like the right thing to do in many situations. When we say nothing, we say everything.

I believe most people are good. I see people helping each other in all walks of life. I’m not naive. I understand there are a lot of people who thrive off hurting each other. There are people in this world who get their thrills off creating division. Many people say that they can’t stand bullying, and they are among the worst offenders.

There is power in words, art, music, dance, and expression. Power is universal. What matters is that we use our actions to create a better environment. Do not allow fear to take control of you. Speak up when you feel passionate about a cause. Use your voice. Silence may be deafening, but so are other elements. You can use many vices to help you get your point across. Violence is rarely the answer. Some will tell you that it is never justifiable. Tell that to the victims of domestic battery and abuse. Two wrongs do not make a right. Sometimes self-defense is the voice.

I am not condoning violence. I don’t believe that a person should be victimized in any manner, nor should animals. I know there are many people who are consistently abused and are too afraid to speak up. They are among those who need advocates. If you know someone dealing with these issues, you may need to be their voice.

There are a lot of scenarios I can use, but you get the gist. It’s important to speak your mind. Respect must be utilized with each other. Respect is earned. When you show respect, you are the bigger person. Don’t let anyone take that away from you.

I hope you never find yourself in a situation that you don’t feel you can speak up. But if you do, you are not alone in that emotion. Remember, if you are afraid to speak up, don’t you think others are too? Your voice makes a difference. Don’t be afraid to be heard.

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