Head and Heart

How many decisions do you make with your head and not your heart? I wish decisions based on personal feelings were a simple fix. The New Year provides a time to make changes in your life. Those changes start with resolutions, but if you don’t stick to those resolutions, you fail. As the old saying goes, “If your heart isn’t it, you won’t give it everything you’ve got.” There is a lot of wisdom in that statement.

My head rationalizes almost every piece of information I have. I dissect the information presented and beat it to death by breaking it down. I have a very analytical mind. I also have a huge heart. I’ve been guilty of thinking with my heart and not my head on numerous occasions. When my closest friends have been in trouble, my heart has overridden my head and convinced me to help. Sometimes those decisions were not smart. I should have let my friends figure out another method of solving their problems instead of fixing them. That lesson was a difficult one to learn, but I think I finally got the memo. I can be a bit hard-headed at times. Stubbornness comes in spades in my family.

As far as other decisions, I’ve made a ton of wrong choices because I let my heart decide. Learning from my mistakes hasn’t been easy, but it’s been necessary to move forward in life. I think when people see other people being kind to each other, they become suspicious of a hidden agenda. Sometimes people are just nice. Not everyone is out to screw you over.

In business, we think with our heads and not our hearts. There is a reason for this. Unfortunately, many of these businesses have folded because they used their heart. The concept of genuine customer service dissipating saddens me. The customer is not always right, but they don’t have to feel that they don’t matter to a business.
People make or break businesses every day. It is through those people that actions are displayed. When actions served are used with the heart and not the head, it makes a difference.

My employers expect me to make a profit, and I do. I’ve also made sure to be a fair manager. Businesses can not continue to survive without making money. Reviews are critical to a business. You won’t please everyone all the time, but that doesn’t mean treating your customers poorly. It means use your head to make wise decisions, your heart to justify when working with people is the right thing to do, and treating each other with respect.

Successful companies have learned to help their communities. This may mean sponsoring an event or people who may need additional support. They use their monetary means to back emotionally charged issues. It’s a win-win for all parties involved. Determining how to use the right decisions can be challenging. This upcoming year, our society has much to be grateful for. We are surviving COVID, many people are starting to go back to work, we are emerging stronger than we thought possible. Life won’t return to normal for a while. Scammers are everywhere. It appears that this pandemic has made scammers more aggressive because money has tightened. Before you make decisions, research your options. Use your head and heart to guide you. People prey on others for a quick buck. But many individuals are making this world a better place for all of us.

Don’t make hasty decisions based on emotions. Use your gut instincts as well as research. Using our heads to rationalize makes sense. Using our hearts helps us establish roots. When we use the two together, it’s amazing to watch what we plant grow. Every generation has the power to change this world for the better. Each person can contribute to helping another.

As we close this year out, I hope to leave you with a final thought for 2020, kindness is immeasurable. When we are kind to one another, we open the door to opportunities, and those opportunities incite change. Some of those changes result in decisions that are made for the future. They are points that people spend time using their minds and their hearts to incite those changes. Those changes may not be positive all the time, but there was a reason those changes were brought to the surface. Before you make recommendations of changes you see need to be made, use your minds and hearts to decide if they are good decisions or not. When you talk to people, use your minds and hearts to remember someone could be going through a rough time. We are all stressed to the max. Let’s use this upcoming year to allow our heads and hearts the opportunity to change the world for the better.

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