Christmas Eve 2020

It’s Christmas Eve. It is a day of celebration throughout the world. As I reflect upon the last 366 days, I feel a ray of hope beckoning us to greet 2021 with a better year than what we’ve endured during this one.
Tonight, I will partake in the Christmas Eve Candlelight Services at two different churches. They are holding those services at 5:00 pm and 8:30 pm. It is an opportunity to connect with those I love and care for at a safe distance. Singing hymns, being in a sanctuary, gives me a feeling of being closer to God. Many people have endured a traumatic year. Many folks lost their jobs, loved ones, businesses, homes, possessions, and yes, they even lost faith. Most people believe in the humanity and kindness of their fellow man.

Our society is rising to challenges that happened this year. Covid impacted us in unfathomable ways. Families and friends canceled get-togethers. Restaurants and bars were forced to close, along with many other businesses. We lost many loved ones this year. What we’ve gained are knowledge and unity. All of us desire for this virus to run its course and be gone. Everyone is tired of the restrictions that are bestowed upon us.

Tonight I plan on spending quality time with my family, counting blessings, and embracing this holiday. I choose to remember that Jesus was born to help save humans. I believe with all my heart, people are good. They are not perfect. Like the Christmas star that many of us witnessed this year, the message of hope rings true. Christmas is about sharing unconditional love with our fellow man, woman, and child. It’s not about commercialism. Gifts are a pleasant treat, but they don’t define Christmas entirely. Christmas is a reminder that we are not alone in this world. Love is not able to be measured. When we take part in experiencing love with one another, we take Christmas with us on that journey.
Enjoy this evening. Laugh when you can, cry if you need to, dream good dreams, and live life fully. If you can’t be with those you love, perhaps you can facetime, text, call, or connect through social media. No matter what, remember that you are a part of this world. Your contributions of love and caring are what makes Christmas special. Spread the Christmas joy and spirit with those you love. You may find your actions can help change moods for the better.

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