Christmas Dream Countdown

What are your Christmas dreams? Are they to have a White Christmas? Is it that everyone get along? Do you wish for something to happen and hope and pray for you to get your Christmas miracle? Monday, I found out that my uncle had passed. That news squelched my enthusiasm. I have a new dream now. That dream is to find where I belong. I’ve been struggling with decisions for a while. I enjoy writing these blogs because it’s a healthy venue. I miss traveling, and COVID has put a wrench in many plans for people. I found out a week ago that my ex-husband remarried. I celebrated that news. That meant I was finally free from him. Thank God. That was the best Christmas present I could have received.

Christmas Day is two days away. Christmas is the season of forgiveness and understanding. Many people are not following this concept. They are too busy hurling insults at those they disagree with and disrespecting other people’s opinions. No wonder our society can’t get along. Too many people want handouts while others don’t want to give up everything they have for those unwilling to work. There are exceptions to every rule. Some unemployed people are not willing to work for less than they made previously. Jobs are available. They may not be what people want to do, but there are places hiring. The hard part is putting yourself out there and getting hired.

When I received news of my uncle’s demise, the first thought I had was “damn.”. My heart ached for his three daughters and grandchildren. Christmas will be tough for them this year. Not only did he die close to Christmas, but they have young children who won’t fully understand why Grandpa isn’t there anymore. I don’t envy them. I know what it’s like to lose a parent and try to celebrate a Christmas season when you don’t feel like celebrating.

Without getting too depressing, it’s a good time to remember that the holidays are about sharing. When we share time, stories, wisdom, experiences, heartaches, and dreams, we are embarking on a new memory. Those memories help shape our years. Ten years ago, my family experienced a White Christmas. I will cherish that memory until I die. That experience fulfilled one item off my bucket list.

There are three dreams I have that I have yet to experience for Christmas. The first one is to experience Christmas in Israel. My folks did this, and it changed them forever. I would love to witness this. My father said that he felt anyone considering going into theology or seminary should experience this at least once in their lives. It had a profound effect on him. My second dream is to have a family of my own. Biologically it is not possible, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t attainable. It’s taking planning and provisions, but I’m working on that dream now. The third dream is that the love of my life looks past his demons and allow others to share his life with them. It’s hard to do this when you are suffering or in pain. There is a certain amount of pride that resides.

If you have Christmas dreams, I hope they come true. People have lost many loved ones throughout the year. COVID has affected everyone. Most importantly is we have some peace this season. Many people stopped to search for the Christmas star this year. Maybe that phenomenon presented us with an opportunity we didn’t recognize. If we can take the time to search for the last sighting in the 1200s, imagine the impact we can have if we stop to embrace our fellow man.

None of us are alike. Our priorities aren’t the same. Our impact we make on each other can be positive or negative. Celebrate with those you can, and don’t shut out others because of pride. Don’t waste opportunities. Instead, create them with your dreams. Dreams are just a map waiting for creation. Use those dreams to incite passion into the holiday.

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