The Jewelry Box

Anyone that knows me well will tell you I am not a big wearer of jewelry. The few pieces that I do wear have a very significant role in my life. The necklace around my neck of a dove over a cross represents the faith that I have in God and the understanding that no matter how lonely I get, I am never truly alone. The earrings in my ears are from my folks from a time they spent Christmas in Israel. The watch I wear was my dad’s. I wear it because the watch requires no batteries and it makes me feel close to him. I don’t wear other pieces of jewelry except for special occasions. I don’t own many pieces and the few I own wouldn’t be worth much if they were pawned.

Years ago, my family gifted me a music box. It plays Edelweiss. I loved the Sound of Music growing up and knew all of the songs by heart. When I first heard the music box play, I became enchanted. I played it so much that I drove my family nuts. I didn’t care. To me, that jewelry box represented the love, unconditional acceptance, and support that my family bestowed on me. Many people all over the world possess something valuable to them. It may not be worth anything monetarily, but emotionally it means memory or a feeling that is difficult to pinpoint. In my case, the jewelry box captures my childhood. It doesn’t hold many pieces of jewelry, but it does hold the memories of a simpler time in my life. One that will never be replicated or destroyed. It is one of awareness, acceptance, and growth. In some respects, it is one of the greatest gifts I ever received.

As I got older, I set my jewelry box to the side. I rarely opened it. Instead, I found something that appeared to be more hip at the time. When we are younger, we don’t always appreciate the nicer things. The hip version took over where I stored my cheap jewelry and I put my other box to the side. It was later in my lifetime that I would rediscover the original jewelry box I had. Opening it up was like opening a time capsule. There were reminders of the first job I ever worked. Girl Scout pins, reading awards, and a plethora of other items that I had forgotten. Then I saw a memory come to life. It was a necklace with a cross. It wasn’t just any cross. It was the one that my grandparents had gifted me when I was a little girl. I thought I had lost it. To my display, it laid in the jewelry box. The necklace had gotten kinks in it and the chain was very thin and dainty. I’m rough on jewelry and don’t mean to be. I knew that I had no business wearing the cross again but the reminder was like stepping back in time and being able to capture a few precious moments with my grandparents.

The box may be of little value, but that is irrelevant. Life isn’t about what we have materially. Precious moments in time transform us into the people we consistently become. Some memories trigger emotional responses. Many memories are both good and bad. Whenever I hear “Edelweiss” now, I think of those evenings where I was able to enjoy moments with Dad that I’ll never get back. It’s through the little gestures that the music box reminds me of where I’ve been in life, and in a small way, tells me of a future within my grasp. Hang onto the moments in your life that are special but don’t dwell on them. But use them as a tool to help you on your quest to fulfill your dreams. You may have a jewelry box from your past that holds your memories. If you don’t, you still have those moments that are yours and yours alone. Remember the good times, learn from the difficult days, and keep going forward with your dreams.

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