The Lights of Christmas

How many of you have gone to a tree lighting for Christmas? You know that feeling of awe and wonder when the lights are flipped on and the magic of Christmas seems to light up not just the tree but the wonder in everyone’s eyes who feast their sights upon the scene? I’ve been to a tree lighting before. It’s a special, magical journey that I highly suggest that one does at least once in their lives.

When I went to the tree lighting, I was a little amazed. I’m mostly a country girl. I don’t like going into big crowds, and I can be rather shy when I’m by myself or in a situation where I’m out of my element. As the crowd gathered, I remember thinking how wild it was that we all were gathered in one central area to watch a tree light up. Whoopee. Sarcastically thinking that I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. That particular night, it started snowing. My mindset started to shift. It’s amazing how we can think we know the answers to things that we’ve yet to experience.

I had not been to a festival of lights in almost twenty years. I’d forgotten about the magic that lights have on our senses. Not only does it provide a sense of wonder in what we see, but also in our emotions. We embark on a journey of wonder. It’s an element that can transform us back into a childlike mentality for a brief window of time. We all have a sense of wonder and adventure tapped inside of us. Some people have buried it deep in the darkest depths of their souls, but it’s still there. Wonder and magic dwell in our souls and it helps us fulfill our journeys in life. It is through this kind of amazement that we all learn that the holidays remind us of the better versions of ourselves we can achieve if we allow the transformations to take place.

The Christmas season brings many opportunities to light. There are live nativity scenes that will be held by drive-thru in order to keep the pandemic under control. Many tree-lighting ceremonies will be done virtually this year. People can drive by and enjoy the re-enactment of Jesus’s birth. Many places are lighting the streets with festive decorations that showcase a dazzling display of decor. Gingerbread aromas find their way to your senses from local shops. The season is ripe with festive scents. The smell of pine and fir trees are all around. There is nothing like the smell of a Frasier fir or pine tree that is yearning to be decorated. If you prefer to drive and see the lights, several places enable you to envision the illuminating effect that creates a scene of peace. Lights allow us to see the beauty and not feel as alone. They have a magic that is difficult to describe. It’s more than seeing with your eyes. The lights of the holiday season light up many hearts and imaginations and fill them with never-ending memories that last a lifetime.

As a child, I participated in a few Christmas activities. I remember my parents took me to a Christmas parade when I was approximately four. Santa was there, along with local marching bands, floats, and a slew of people who were passing out candy. My four-year-old mentality loved candy. But my favorite floats were the ones with the lights. I remember how they sparkled and made me ooh and ah as they passed the crowd on the street. There was a multitude of lights that flickered. As an adult, I think back on that time as an introduction to the world of lights for me. Sure, I witnessed them go on our Christmas tree every year. My family wasn’t big on decorating the house and yard with lights. Yet, I always enjoyed the feeling the lights provided when I would visit other areas where the lights were plentiful.

This season, I hope you allow yourselves to take in the lights and pause your world for a spell. Remember the feeling of happiness and peace. They may be beautiful to look at, but they are also a reminder that the lights help bring all of us home. You don’t have to be a believer in the holiday season to admire the beauty they possess. Open your hearts and minds to appreciate the beauty of the season. You never know where the lights will be shining brightest. I have a feeling that when you find those lights, you will never see things the same again.

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