Getting Ready for Something New

We all have moments of adversity. Some stories are yet to be told and stories of dreams yet unfilled. If you ask a majority of people, they will tell you that life is what you make it. We are all on a journey every day. We learn from each other. Some might even say that we invest in one another. No matter what you may perceive there are always opportunities to learn from those you do not know.

For example, there are leaders of companies who teaches tricks of the trade every day. We have to be willing to learn from them. Many times they are in leadership positions because they have proven their skill set is unmatched. These are the men and women who help us get to the next level. There are always exceptions to the rule. Some may have slept their way to the top. Others may have known someone and weren’t qualified to be moved up but still were. Some people get there because they truly earned it.Some folks are in leadership positions that none of us understand how they acquired the position. Even those who don’t do well in leadership positions can be learned from.

What has been difficult for me over the years is seeing how qualified people were overlooked simply due to one’s race or gender. Before everyone gets up in arms, I support racial and gender equality in jobs. I’ve always felt that one’s merit should qualify the individual and not their color or gender. There have been many professionals of color that deserved to be in the positions they were given. There have also been folks on all sides of the spectrum, white, black, Indian, Asian, and other ethnicities that had no business being put in the positions they happened to occupy. Unfortunately, there is a lot of racism that still exists in society and I understand why the discrimination laws are in place. I even agree with the discrimination laws. What I don’t agree with is that those reasons alone should not be why a person gets the job. There needs to be a balance so that those who are chosen for the higher positions are the best fit. Unfortunately, this world isn’t perfect. That’s why the laws are in place so that others have the opportunity because white supremacy is a very real matter. Even white women have fallen victim to being overlooked by the “good old boy” networks. Until the world can view people as people and not of a race, or gender, we will have to keep pushing for a better change. I wish that there were more opportunities for people who are aging without discrimination but I guess the moral of that idea is don’t get older. Eventually, you will age out and be pushed out the door regardless of your ability to lead. That’s another topic for another day.

I’ve been laid off of a couple of jobs in my lifetime. Each time it felt as if a part of me died. There was a grieving process that had to be done. But the job that hurt me losing the most was when I worked for Habitat for Humanity. The Board opted to cut my position along with three others to save over $200000. I was devastated. Little did I know at the time it was a blessing in disguise because my dad was fighting a battle with cancer. I learned a lot from that organization and still believe in their mission. When I see families who never thought they could afford a home of their own, come together and help build their home, I see growth and unlimited potential. You won’t see families of one color that are affected. These are families of all cultures, ethnicities, religious backgrounds and other groups that are all represented. The idea is that with their new homes, comes new chances. It is the epitome of embracing change for the better. There is nothing more humbling than watching those who have hit rock bottom begin to rebuild their lives. It is truly a sight to learn from.

I hope that you all find people around you that you learn something new from everyday. It might be from the coffee shop you go to, or a restaurant you frequent. It may be from those whom you work with. It might be a teacher or a mentor that has helped you along the way. No matter where you are, we all can learn something from each other. Even if it’s trivia, knowledge is useful. Be willing to ask for help when you need it. If you see others struggling, offer your help. Connect with people so that their skills and your skills can open new things. We are all a part of a journey. Not all roads will go the same way. Sometimes those roads lead to new exciting places while others could be a dead end. Until we all explore what life offers us, we’ll never know what roads to take. Take a chance on something or someone new. It could be the start of a beautiful story.

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