Is it horrible if I say that I am so glad that my work week is coming to a close? This week has been trying in more ways than one. I love my job most days but last Thursday, we had Tropical Storm Zeta blow through this area with a vengeance that took out power, phone systems, and internet coverage throughout a large part of my community. I’m sure it did extensive damage in many areas. It was like the “Three Little Pigs” with the first two of their homes being blown down by the wolf. In this case, the wind blew trees and power lines down, it did damage to homes, vehicles, and other property. The power at the office I work for was out for three days. That was bad enough but when the power did come back on, the internet and phone were down another three days. The worst part was I had to use my cell phone to ensure payments could be processed. That act alone ate into my data. Thankfully, the system came back on very late Tuesday evening. It’s difficult to do much without the internet.

I’m grateful for my customers. Many of them are kind. There are a few folks that make me question humanity in people but overall, my customers pay on time, are cordial, and make my job fun. The best part of my job is I get to connect with people from all over the area who may have temporary or long-term needs but they become like family. That’s a blessing.

Don’t let the drama from the election stress you out. There’s nothing to be gained by letting it stress you out or anger you. It amazes me on my Facebook page how so many people are calling names to each other. What’s the point? Do they think that’s going to solve anything? Truth be told, they are acting as bad as the politicians. I guess it makes people who berate others feel important to put those who disagree with them down. Can we say DRAMA? Do something fun for yourselves and doesn’t let the naysayers give strength to the negative energy. Rise above the ashes like the phoenix and cultivate change by exhibiting positive behavior. Nothing is going to tear you down if you acknowledge that you have the power to choose who you let into your life. I’ve started turning off the television and only posting my blog and a few other social media venues for places that I work for. Other than that, I’m on social media very little. I’m tired of the negativity so I choose to tune it out. I’ve been reading more. Have I mentioned that I love paranormal mysteries? I’m hooked on them. It’s become one of my favorite things to read and the stories that I read impact me through imagination. I’ve already got a story based on things I’ve learned.

So today, I wanted to wish you all a wonderful weekend. I hope you can all relax and begin to focus on things that are light-hearted and fun. I pray that you are all safe and can spend the time with your loved ones that you have. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Nor is anything free. Even the air we breathe has now become polluted with chemicals. We may not be charged for the air we breathe, but what’s in the air can have long term costs. Don’t take anything or anyone for granted. You may not agree with people around you, but learn to accept them for who they are and not hurl insults towards them for disagreeing with you. We will never learn to unite if our behavior constantly divides.

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