Where the Heart is

Do you remember hearing the phrase that “Home is where the heart is?” What does that statement mean to you? Home is a feeling of comfort and joy. It’s a feeling of peace and tranquility. In truth, home is where we make it. Some of us prefer to live in nature and that is our respite from the jungles of society. I know a couple of folks who are choosing to live in the Amazon and while they live in the jungle literally, they have learned what to expect in those jungles. One of them mentioned that being in the city is worse than living in the jungle. This was an ironic statement coming from him considering he used to be a jock of sorts in school. I still have difficulty believing that this man is now living in the Rainforest studying the jungles when he was hesitant in school to go camping. My, how times have changed.

I have other acquaintances that travel all over the world and can make a home for themselves anywhere they go. It’s mostly been by necessity but I don’t know that I would want to walk in their shoes. The travel would be exciting for a while but it’s a tedious life. Many of them get so consumed with the occupations that I’ve often heard them say that other than seeing the airport, their hotel, and their place of business, they don’t get a chance to explore the cities in which they work. In many ways, their home dwells within themselves. They are their type of nomad. I envy them sometimes. There are days that I want to drop everything and go. But then I remember that they are so consumed with their jobs that they don’t get to unwind much. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

My family is scattered throughout the world. There are days that I long to see or talk to them and I could pick up the phone. Yet, I don’t. Why? Because even though I miss them, it doesn’t seem like the timing is ever good to reconnect. Life always appears to get in the way. I’ve learned to not take the times that we connect for granted. The world of social media has helped us connect frequently and that helps but it isn’t the same as having a meal together in person. Before COVID, we could hug each other when we’d see one another without the fear of being exposed to a disease that no one knew about. Now, we have to be careful so that we ensure each other’s safety. I have family members who are cancer survivors that have to be very meticulous about what they are exposed to. I also have a weakened immune system that isn’t always conducive to staying healthy. It’s up to me to take the precautions that are necessary to do this. Home to me is a compilation of things. It’s being outdoors. It’s spending time with loved ones. It’s having a place that I can collapse after a long day and letting my hair down. Most importantly, it’s a place that I feel safe to let myself relax. It doesn’t have to be inside walls. Home is a reflection of what is important to us and where we are in our lives. This is why the home is a reflection of where the heart is.

No matter what your definition of home is, you know the places that make you the happiest. You may need a change of pace from the hectic grind this world produces. You may escape to a place that no one knows that you dwell just to have the peace and tranquility to soothe your soul. Wherever that place is, cherish it. Home is special. Many of us choose a home because of what it symbolizes. But what about people who can’t be with those that may possess their heart? I’ve had that problem for a while. My heart is entangled with obstacles due to life’s interference. It’s not just a person involved. It’s people that have affected me along the way. It influences that continue to drive me to be the best personification of myself that I can and it’s a journey that is endless. Every day I push myself to new heights. I don’t want to be the type of person who lives in fear so I challenge myself to overcome obstacles. Yesterday I went on a ladder to retrieve an object. I’m terrified of heights but I still managed to overcome the fear of going after something from a distance that I was uncomfortable with. My heart did a flip flop over being able to achieve that obstacle. In many ways, my heart is with adventures that are comprised of life’s challenges.

Animals have a special place in my heart. I love the attention they provide along with the companionship. I enjoy the little things that life offers. The biggest thing my heart wants is for people to treat each other with kindness. Gestures that are kind go a long way to healing shattered hearts. Many of us deal with heartbreak more than we care to admit. We often find ourselves longing for something toxic to us. Yet, it doesn’t stop us from going after what we know is detrimental to our health. That’s when we have to determine what is best for us. Celebrities bear the brunt of things in their breakups because they are public. But people all have a heart. Our hearts may be split in two but that doesn’t mean that we heal them easily. We have a heart that beats and one that feels. There’s passion, intensity, desire, longing, pain, and a slew of other emotions that affect us in varying forms. We have to remember to embrace the things that matter, let go of the toxicity, and recognize where the heart is. If the heart is broken, it will take time to heal and adapt to a new environment. But if the heart is soaring with emotions, those emotions could make smart decisions or poor ones. Either way, recognize what’s important to you and be willing to go from there. In the meantime, don’t let your heart get so hard that it’s not willing to let anyone or anything in. Keep it open to new possibilities. You never know who’s a soul you will touch that may be dealing with their issues. You have the power to make a difference to those around you.

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