Stand Tall

This world has a way of knocking us all on our tushes sometimes. Some days we question if we are good enough or unique enough to stand out. Often we hear of the success of others and strive to achieve that level of greatness. Sometimes we succeed and other times we fail but if we give it everything we’ve got, we learn. It’s hard to stand tall when you feel the weight of the world is crushing you. That’s when you have to find your footing and stand tall anyway. When a person gives it their best shot, they have nothing to hang their head in shame over. It might be easier to coast through things, but we only cheat ourselves when we don’t try. Otherwise, how can we get better at things if we aren’t willing to step out of our comfort zone?

Over the last couple of years, I have made serious changes in my life. I have very little use or time for those who aren’t willing to help themselves. I’m putting forth the effort to change who I am and how I approach various issues. Some days are easier said than done. One thing remains true, no matter how many times I fall on my tail, I have to get up. Sometimes my legs feel wobbly, especially if I’m embarrassed but other times I recognize that the only person that I have to look in the mirror over is myself. We can play pretend when we mess up and just laugh it off, or we can learn from it. Many times we do both. No matter where we are in our journey of life, we have to learn to stand tall and stand proud.

There are a lot of people in this world who think they are better than others. The last I checked we are all born and die. No one is immortal. Would you want to be? Human behavior makes me glad that we have a life span. The best part of the journey is learning about ourselves and our capabilities. It’s about making those connections that keep us grounded and soaring all at the same time. It’s about mingling within networks to expand our horizons along with our zest for more. No matter where you may fall in this category, stand tall.

When I say stand tall, I don’t necessarily mean exercises. It’s critical to strengthen ourselves physically and mentally but I mean don’t let anyone make you feel that you aren’t good enough. Let’s say you are up for a promotion and someone less qualified than you got the position. You have busted your rear-end to get the promotion and have been passed over quite a few times. What does that say about you? Several things could be going on. I’ve been in that situation many times but I didn’t know how to fight for what I wanted. I’ve learned a lot over the years and figured out that life isn’t always fair but we have to make ourselves stand out for the things we want. We may not always get the prize but we do get information and knowledge is the strongest type of power there is.

Standing tall represents believing in yourself to get through the difficult days. It’s not allowing yourself to wallow in self-pity or a lack of self respect. It’s about going for your dreams and believing that you can do anything in this world that you make your mind up to do. When you have had enough of people using you for a doormat, you learn to stand tall and stand up for yourself.

Don’t let others bully or intimidate you. Stand tall. Stand proud. Most importantly, stand up for yourself when the situation calls for it. There are a lot of people who have walked in your shoes. You aren’t alone. If you need help getting the strength to move forward and stand up, there are all kinds of networks for various issues. Don’t be afraid. You have the power to create the life you want.

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