Personal Touches Matter

What does it mean to have a personal touch? No, I’m not referring to intimacy with a partner. That should be a given but when it comes to things we do in our professional lives, why is it important to put your stamp or style on what you present? For one thing, it shows that you care. Some of the things that people can do are to surprise folks with a favorite treat. They may show interest in what you do or make a concerted effort to get to know you. No matter what little things are done to make you smile or make your life easier, those little things are personal touches.

Personal touches often bring smiles to our faces. In part, because it shows that people appreciate you and don’t take you for granted. It’s their way of saying that you matter but it’s also a way for them to be validated. It’s a part of who they are. True kindness isn’t faked. A personal touch can be anything from a gesture to a touch. It can be listening to someone who is lost or confused, they may be grieving or excited about things in their lives. Our transactions with others matter and the way we have received matters too. After all, anyone can say that they put their stamp on something but if you go into any local business, you can see the personal touches that the owners have put into their business and products. You see the gestures that they make to their customers and you can see what others do for them as well. When we all work as an interconnected unit, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

So what are some of the ways that you can give a personal touch to others? Here are five ways that I like to use.

  1. Give your customers options for interacting.  This can be anything. You can have them fill out forms, surveys, questionnaires, etc., The main thing is that you want to get to know your customers and others. If you are just meeting someone and they aren’t a customer, jot down important things to them (don’t do this in front of them) but if it’s someone you’ve met and you will be dealing with a lot, paying attention to things can be very useful down the road.
  2. Keep them informed.  Communication is a must for any business. But it’s also a must in interpersonal communication with others.
  3. Show your customers you can grow with them. One of the things I love to do is to find out important dates for my customers. I make a note on my calendar so that I know when to send out materials to acknowledge those milestones. It’s a little gesture that means a lot.
  4. Use tech tools to make personalization easier.  I love to write notes. For one thing, it’s a personal touch. The art of writing letters and notes is dying. We’ve become so computerized that we forget the little things that matter. Take the time to remember someone’s birthday, wedding, anniversary, funeral, retirement, etc.,. These things matter to people and they are touched when someone remembers. Often, people forget to acknowledge important days.
  5. Take advantage of social media. This is important because it’s an asset for many of us. There are a lot of folks who don’t use social media for various reasons but there are a lot more that do because of networking and staying up on current events. We are all conditioned to do things that are not comfortable at times but they are expected in an ever-evolving world of marketing. Reaching out to people doesn’t mean that you have to reach out to one group. It means allowing yourself the ability to be part of something bigger. Personal touches often go hand in hand with paying it forward.

What other kinds of personal touches are there? There are little things like paying for someone else’s meal, making something for them, cooking a meal for someone, singing to someone to make them smile, playing music without being asked to those who may need to hear something soothing, washing someone’s car that you care for, being there when the other person needs support or making a video for loved ones that you can’t be with. Personal touches don’t have to be the same for everyone. That’s the reason they are personal. If we all had the same touch, we wouldn’t be able to differentiate from one another. The way we do things matters. The way we approach others matters. Never let anyone tell you differently. We don’t always get a chance to get more than one impression. Don’t let your personal touch be one that turns others away. There’s power in our touch. Use that power to help change the world.

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