Having Courage Gives New Strength

It’s the little things that can cause us to find the bigger avenues in our lives. Sometimes it may be that you enjoy a specific hobby and everyone around you tells you that you need to pursue it, then you do. Every once in a while the hobbies that we thrive on create new professions for us and we either do really well or we fall flat. No matter what happens, it takes courage to try new things. When we utilize courage, we also gain strength because we begin to see the potential we all have.

In the world of politics, people have courage when they endorse a candidate. If others disagree with this decision, they are among the first to be vocal about why that candidate isn’t worthy of office. No matter what anyone may tell you, it takes strength and courage to put yourself out there for the world to criticize you. I’m not endorsing anyone publicly. It’s a personal decision who you vote for and it’s no one else’s business. The main thing is to get out there and vote. Your vote matters.

I have been in situations where finding courage was not always easy. Here are a few ways that I found that helped me.

  1. Remind yourself that fear isn’t always helpful. At the crux of most problems lies fear. Fear is the common denominator that holds a person back from fulfilling their dream. I’ve found that when we want something and go for it with everything we have, we may not always get the results we want but at least we never question if it was worth trying or not. When we allow ourselves to conquer fear, we pursue better opportunities. There’s no failure when it comes to conquering fear. Conquering the doubts and fear is a victory in itself.
  2. Expand your comfort zone gradually. Challenge yourself everyday to do things you’ve never done before. In my case, today I am going to try a new dish for dinner. A friend of mine gave me a yummy looking recipe for goulash. It looked so tasty that it’s on my menu for cooking tonight. Every week I am challenging myself to improve my palate along with my wine discernment. I’ve always been partial to sweet wines and not given other types a chance to grow but that mentality is changing. I’m learning to get over my fear of growing in knowledge.
  3. Remember to breathe. Life can be very overwhelming. We all get things added to our plates that we never thought we’d say yes to. The key is to learn to balance what we agree on. Learning to say no is also a courageous act. There have been many times where people said yes to things that they should have said no to. The reason? They had so much on their plate that they couldn’t give priority to the other items they agreed to. Feelings got hurt and projects weren’t done.
  4. Take a step back and get objective. When we do things based off emotion, the results are often disastrous. It’s good to put yourself out there. But don’t put yourself in a position that you can’t recover from. Relationships are a given that we all have to take risks in our lives but what about other issues? Professionally, are you ready to show why you deserve that promotion? Are you ready to take the feedback and criticism of others? Do you want to take things to the next level in your life? This is where it’s critical to use your mind in conjunction with your heart. Don’t use one over the other.
  5. Think of how you’d view a friend in the same situation. Many of us forget to look at things with a new perspective. We tend to overlook how others may be viewing our actions. Try imagining various scenarios and weigh your options. Don’t over think anything. Just try to think about how your actions would look if someone else did them. Is it worth it in the long run? Chances are that it depends on what it is and what you wish to accomplish. Only you can determine this.
  6. What Do I need to become? This is a question that only you can answer. Anyone can point out your talents but you know where your heart lies. If you aren’t doing something that you are passionate about then figure out why. Are you letting fear keep you from achieving your dreams? Do you need to muster up the courage and strength to get there? What makes you happy and why? Life is filled with questions that can only be answered by you. Don’t expect others to live your life. For one thing, it isn’t satisfying. For another, if you expect others to live your life, don’t get offended when they want to live their lives for themselves and not live yours.
  7. Take action. Behind every project is someone that pushes to get things done. In the case of courage and strength, it’s up to every person who wants to make their goals and dreams come to fruition to bear the responsibility for themselves. Nothing is accomplished without work. Dreams are only achieved when action is taking to create the reality. This requires not only work but courage and strength to get the job done. Every one gets criticized on everything. If a project is a flop, there is always criticism. If the project is a success, people still criticize on things that they would have lived to have seen.

Nothing is guaranteed. Communication always helps when gaining courage. We are so busy focusing on different things in our lives that we often forget to change things up. We get comfortable and stop challenging ourselves and when we do need to get the courage to do things, we often feel insignificant. Don’t let others hold you back from conquering dreams that you never knew you wanted. Keep pushing yourself to discover new things. Learn a new word a day. Study something new. Meet new people. Make adventures for yourself. Whatever you decide to do, push yourself to experience new things. It doesn’t matter what anyone else things. Gather up your courage, do things that you want to try and you’ll be amazed at the new strengths you possess. It’s amazing what learning more about yourself will reveal. Something tells me that you are capable of more than you ever thought possible.

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