The Pandemic and Entertainment

Balls from various sports.

I know I’m not the only one who would love this pandemic to end. I’m a sports enthusiast. I love college football, basketball, baseball, soccer, can tolerate tennis and turn the television off to golf. Sorry golf lovers. I just can’t get into that one. I also enjoy Pro Football, Basketball and Soccer. I think it’s because you can feel as if you are a part of the game while you are watching but the pandemic has created a major issue. How can we all remain an integral part of sports when most of the stadiums are not allowing spectators or other participants? I think that we are in an unprecedented era. No one expected this pandemic.

I was watching a college football game over the weekend on tv. What struck me was the players were all having contact with each other and yet no spectators were in the stands. So many games have had the roar of the crowd helping to lead their favorite team to victory. Instead of hearing the roar, all that’s heard is silence. The accolades that are present with the support of the crowd has significantly been altered. It’s almost like watching a video game as opposed to the actual game. It’s strange. I celebrate when my team wins and mope when they lose but I am looking forward to the day where we can all participate once again.

The theatre has suffered from this pandemic along with too many businesses to count. Broadway has been mostly silenced. The curtain has drawn for performances and we are left to watching our movies and shows via streaming devices.

It’s not easy. I, along with everyone else, am ready for our lives to become connected again. Zoom meetings have become a necessity but it isn’t the same and when we do meet in person, there are people so afraid that they want others to abide by the rules even if it means they can’t breathe.

What I know is that when we are all able to enjoy a show or a game again, none of us will take that opportunity for granted. I think we have all been conditioned to appreciate the little things more than ever.

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