We’re All Diamonds in the Rough

I love music. It calms me, propels, and energizes and me and allows me to have a rhythm in my step to help me get through the insanity of the day. When the music plays I feel myself becoming one with the music and can even find myself humming to it. The thing about music is that it opens your eyes to things around you that you wouldn’t have noticed if it wasn’t for lyrics and melodies to take you to different heights. One of those things for me has been in watching the behavior of those around me.

So many people are dealing with an array of conflicting emotions and issues. Many of them are fighting battles unbeknownst to those closest to them. They fight wars against depression and anxiety. They may be fighting physical ailments. Some of them are dealing with massive changes in their lives. They may be dealing with the death of a loved one or even the death of a relationship. All of us have emotions and all of us are diamonds. We sparkle and shine at times in our life, especially when the sun captures our uniqueness at different points in our lives. Sometimes, like diamonds, we need cleansing. It can be a literal or spiritual cleansing. No matter what life throws at any of us, we are all priceless. There’s only one of each of us.

To label, ourselves is to confine ourselves into the box. We are on display for the world and at times and other times we can retreat and be hidden by the invisible cloak that envelopes our everyday life. Others may not acknowledge our worth but that’s why we all have the uniqueness that encompasses our souls. I watch as others can be forthcoming with their gifts. They are the ones that can be seen by many. They show no fear when they put their talents on display.

Before the pandemic, I would watch at local coffee shops and listen to people. I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop but sometimes people would talk loudly enough that it couldn’t be helped. I would hear of a doctor’s frustration in dealing with patients or staff. I would hear police officers complain about the rap they get and sometimes it is justified and other times it isn’t. I listened as others talked about the angst in their relationships as some of them were ending and others were beginning. No matter what the topic, I heard the music overhead and it was calming because I could sip my hot chocolate and take in everything around me. I watched as young kids were with their families, excited for their outing for coffee-flavored drinks. The parents needed that burst of caffeine so they can keep up with the kids. The kids in turn felt more grown-up by having that treat. Those moments are diamonds. It doesn’t matter what carat or gem we compare ourselves to. The fact is that nothing on this earth is identical. Even identical twins have a discrepancy somewhere.

That’s why it’s so important that we acknowledge each other for the strengths we all have. I detest this time of year because politics ruin relationships. I love this time of year for the beauty that is in the leaves falling and the color schematics around me but as far as the campaigning, I celebrate when it ends. We all see the worst in each other when politics are at play and it gets worse every year. Everything has gotten so political that friendships are being destroyed because of it. Instead of treating one another like the gems we are, we are treating each other like lumps of coal that haven’t developed into something beautiful. For what? What are we accomplishing?

I see posts all over social media. Some of the posts are positive while others indicate that if people don’t have certain things, then they don’t have the same value as everyone else. Every jewel on this earth is a different grade and caliber. That doesn’t make them any less of a jewel. Their value is based on how shiny and big they are. Their value is also earmarked by the quality of the gem. Sometimes I think society has based things off a notion that we have to be shiny and big to assert our value. Instead of looking at the quality, we’ve gone off the notion that bigger is better. Flashier is in more than being dull. Anything can shine if the right light is presented. As people, we can control how we are perceived. We have the innate ability to provide the light to be shown on who we truly are and what we represent. That’s what makes us all diamonds in the rough. We don’t have to be perfect. But we do have to allow ourselves to be exposed to the world at times so that others can learn from us. The influence that we have on many different individuals is one that can not be squelched. We learn by learning from others.

Material possessions mean very little in the grand scheme of things. Celebrate each other for being who you all are. Just like the diamonds in the rough, we all have the power to light up the world with positive messages of hope, love, and compassion. It’s up to all of us to recognize that we are all diamonds in the rough. We all have the power to invoke change. We all shine at different points and we all lead each other to mines that have yet to be explored. You don’t have to be a jewel hunter to discover the treasures around you. Take a moment to take it all in and experience the people around you. You may just see them burst with radiance and create their design. After all, that’s the beauty of changing. We all can let our internal gems show that our lights will only be dimmed when we are transforming into a new metamorphosis. Only time will tell what those changes will be. But I have a feeling that each of you is going to be showing what makes you shine regularly and nothing is more beautiful than seeing you meet your potential.

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