Never Underestimate the Underdog

This is sad that people have to be reminded of this but it’s true. The underdog may appear to be an underachiever at first, but when they find a way to shine, it’s often brighter than anyone ever anticipated. We have many people in this world whom others gloss over on a daily basis. They may a bus driver, a taxi driver, a waitress, a garbage collector and a slew of other positions that most people take for granted. Rarely do we see people as the gems they truly are and only see them in the professional setting that they take for granted. You won’t find a typical CEO catering an event. But you will find that same CEO taking note of how everything is presented. The discerning eyes of those who are in prestigious roles are not flippant. They are succinct. Many times, they are one of two things. They are either self absorbed or in discovery mode. Rarely is there an in between.

I think that’s why I’m a huge advocate for the underdog. For one thing, I’ve been one. Unless you have walked in the shoes of someone who has been labeled as an underdog, you can not begin to comprehend the satisfaction of someone who has been belittled, bullied, denied, and humiliated when they beat the insurmountable odds bestowed by others.. It’s a feeling of an accomplishment that can make leave the feeling of winning a gold medal. Underdogs are more prevalent than society wants to admit. That’s why it’s beautiful when they have their moments to shine.

Many of my friends, including myself have been labeled as underdogs. We didn’t fit the societal norm. I’ve watched as children that came from extreme poverty have risen to the challenge and surpassed expectations. Some of them are now doctors, lawyers, and professionals. They had the drive and determination to beat the odds. When someone has a dream, odds are they will do everything in their power to achieve their goals and ambitions. I’ve seen many Rocky type of moments throughout my lifetime and am constantly impressed at the achievements that are continuously being made with regard to where a person started and the roads that they create.

What it really boils down to is don’t assume that the people around you aren’t meant for something special. We all have the potential inside of us. It’s just a matter of it being unlocked and believing in ourselves to achieve levels that we never thought possible. Every day is a new day. When we wake up, each day has the potential to be something great. If you know some of the underdogs, get to know them. I can pretty much guarantee you that they all have stories where they have either shined or are in the process of shining. Any way you look at it, the underdogs can’t be underestimated, because they are the ones that create the impossible and the improbable. It’s through their actions that we all benefit. Their stories enable us to be humbled when we need it most. If you are among the underdogs, keep pushing yourself to fulfill your dreams. Every step you take is a step closer to reality.

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