Light Your Spark

Someone recently said to me that we have to light the spark within us to get us motivated. I agree. But sometimes we get a spark lit by things that we never anticipated. We learn to allow those precious moments that mean something even when we don’t even realize it. I think we all can have fear and anxiety at different points in our lives and need that extra motivational push. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s human nature. For me, music helps me get that spark. I can jam to all kinds of various genres and the inner kid in me is free. I can literally feel my soul dancing to songs that help me get creative and full of new energy. In many ways it brings me back to life.

So how can you light your own spark when you have little to no inspiration? It’s easier said than done sometimes but when you take yourself out of one setting, you might be surprised at the revelations you discover. It helps me to write down things that I capture. I might take a picture if it’s something that I think is cute or beautiful. I stopped writing music a long time ago. But I can guarantee you that if you step away from things you have a much higher chance of getting a new perspective and ideas than if you just look at something for a long time with the same viewpoint. Sometimes it could be what another person says that triggers something inside you. It could even be something that you witness. Whatever change occurs, use it to your advantage.

What are you wanting to do? Is it something that creativity is required? Is it a project that you’ve been dreading and are trying to talk yourself into doing? Figure out what you need to do and then aim towards that goal. Not everything has to be tedious. Even some of the worst jobs on the planet can be made a little more bearable if we create a spark in ourselves that won’t be extinguished by those who look down on our positions in life. The truth is that even those who have everything have struggles that they don’t let others in on.

Each of you has gifts and skills that are unique to you. It’s okay for the world to see you shine. Don’t be afraid of what you can offer. If you don’t want or need recognition, that’s okay. You only need to make sure that you feel good about yourself and that you don’t allow others to make you feel inferior. Believe me when I tell you there are enough people in this world who will do that. I think they think it makes them look better to put others down. Sometimes jealousy is a big part of them being mean.

#Standtall, #Standproud, and light your spark. I have a feeling that several of you are going to show that you are sizzling. Just be true to yourself and tell anyone that causes you grief that you don’t and won’t allow their negative energy around you. Keep shining.

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