Catch That Feeling

We all have the feeling of bliss at various times in our lives. It becomes infectious. It’s kind of like when you taste food for the first time that leaves a lasting impression that never wanes from your memory. You can remember the texture, the taste, the smell and the feeling that it gave you when you were in a moment of pure ecstasy and bliss. So why is it that the moment is only for a fleeting moment in time? Perhaps it’s because when we work towards something, there’s only a small window that we are allowed to savor the good moments in our lives but it propels us for more. We are emboldened on a journey that we can take with us forever.

There’s exhilaration that we all feel when we’ve done something that we never thought we’d be able to do. I’ve often heard others say that if they could bottle that moment in time that they’d make a fortune but I think that those feelings are something that we always strive for. It’s kind of like craving recognition for things that we’ve prepared for and in that one shining moment, it’s satisfying to know that we’ve excelled. We’ve made our indelible mark on something. I think that’s one of the reasons that we all strive to be the best. We want to feel that feeling. It’s our drug. And truthfully, it’s a high that’s difficult to forget.

Maybe that’s why when we fall in love, that feeling overtakes us too. It’s a different type of feeling but it’s still a high that isn’t easily squelched. If anything, the feeling emboldens us and heightens our senses. It propels us to move at a more accelerated state with a pep in our step and intentional focus. We are living in a euphoria of bliss and there’s no coming down from that feeling until someone does something to minimize that moment in time.

Our feelings are erratic. We can be blissfully happy or manically depressed. We can also be calm, giddy, sad, numb, thoughtful, and a lot of other emotions that are too numerous to mention. I used to think that depression was something people could just snap out of. Maybe it took me becoming depressed myself to understand that what I felt wasn’t a mindset. It wasn’t just snap my fingers and get better. It’s a choice to get better. But you have to be willing to seek help and get the right treatment for this mental illness. And that’s exactly what Depression and Anxiety are. They are types of mental illnesses that can determine a person’s mood. I have good days and bad days. Music is my one saving grace. I can hear all kinds of melodies in my head. When I catch myself humming or singing along, I know that I’m catching a feeling of happiness and completeness. I’m in my element. The word will pour out of me like butter oozing into a favorite treat. But if that depression consumes me, it takes me a while to get out of that funk. It’s almost like someone turns the lights out in my soul. I struggle to catch the feeling of happiness when despair and loneliness sink in.

In many ways, I think that’s why so many people get addicted to things like drugs and alcohol. They crave the high that they feel when the chemicals take them to a peak. It’s like an incredible wave of wonder that makes them feel invincible and that they can do anything while they are high. What they don’t realize is that the high that they feel can’t ever be repeated. Even those who are on a sober high, that have prepared for that shining moment will never have every experience to feel the same. When someone is strung out on chemicals, they can’t understand that they aren’t making good decisions. The high is too addictive. It takes spiraling out in order for people to recognize that what they are feeling is not something that they can necessarily control. It takes a lot to get sober. It’s a lifelong battle that has it’s own feelings that are not easily expressed unless you’ve been on that journey or involved with someone who has. Otherwise, it comes across as just words.

Did you know that every day we are all standing on the edge of greatness and just don’t even recognize it? I think it’s because every day presents new opportunities and challenges. It allows us to have a strong amount of emotions that can be utilized in every aspect of our lives and how we affect others. Each of us has the power to change a person’s day whether its good or bad. What we do in our lives, can have a ripple effect. I know that when I get around people who are full of passion and strength, it rubs off but when I get around those who are constantly plagued with issues, it affects my mood greatly. It’s almost like catching the flu, if you are around those who are contagious, eventually you have a high percentage of catching it yourself. But if you are around positive energy, it can propel you as fast as the flames to a fire. It pulls you in and drives your energy level up.

No matter what, believe in yourself. You can’t change anyone but you. It sounds like a cliche but it’s true. We all question what we do in life. We all feel like we can’t do things but when we stay focused and goal oriented, we can make all kinds of things happen. We can rise to any challenge, we can face every one of our fears, and we can make a difference in this world. The question then becomes are you ready to catch the feeling of success and happiness? If you are, then you are on your way to doing more than you ever dreamed possible. After all, success begins with dreams. Dreams lead to being able to plan and planning helps us get to where we want to go. But if we never try, or attempt to make our dreams come true, then the only thing we catch is emptiness. The world is hollow when that’s all you see. I see a world full of opportunities and untapped venues. Who knows? One of you may be the next competitor to Amazon or other global markets. You may become one of the greatest writers, artists, musicians, or any other type of successful person the world has ever known. It’s up to you to take a chance. Catch the feeling of hope and inspiration. What do you really have to lose?

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