Alien Invasions of Dreams Part 1

I think I must have had one of the strangest and coolest dreams that I’ve ever had. It’s one of the dreams that you can see the movie playing in your head and think you must be trippin. Lord knows I have no idea where this one came from. I hope you enjoy reading about it. Keep in mind this is just a dream and in no way reality. Or is it? 🙂

When I first fell asleep, I started dreaming that I was in the mountains in a meadow. The smell of rain was all around me. I could taste the drops of rain before they ever hit the ground. The humidity was low. The leaves were turning all around me in a ray of colors. Some of which didn’t look earthly. There were hues of colors that I’d never seen before. They were sharp, bold, and daring. The colors from the leaves bounced off each other leading a trail of rocks that piqued my interest. I scurried down the rocks to find a stream that was close by. I remember feeling parched so I scooped up the water out of the stream into a flask. From there, I took a few swallows and closed everything up. Thinking that I wouldn’t remember where I had been, I made sure to mark the rocks that I went by with a ribbon. I tied the ribbon to the rocks at the base of the trail. It was then that everything changed.

I’m not sure when the landscape changed. One minute I was on the mountain by the stream and the next minute I was in what appeared to be a capsule. This capsule had some form of aliens who could be shapeshifters. They didn’t seem to want to frighten me but rather were studying me. The first thought that went through my mind was “What the hell is going on?” There was a loud humming noise that came through the walls. It was giving me a headache to the point that I started yelling, kicking and screaming. Then they injected me with some sort of sedative. The next thing I knew I woke up a lot later with a very full bladder. I begged them to let me go to the bathroom. The strange thing was that instead of letting me go relieve myself, they gave me a pill to swallow. Little did I know the new world that was opening up with this pill.

If you’ve ever seen the Star Wars movies, then you know C3P0 was fluent in over 8 million forms of communications. This pill took immediate effect on me. My mind was suddenly fluent in almost 8 million forms of language, my body no longer had to pee or do a number 2. I felt strange. I asked what was happening to me. All but one of the aliens ignored me. Then their version of a doctor came to see me. His name was Dr. Elcarim. He was born in the year 1629. During his lifetime, he was abducted when he had been a young man. He had been on the planet Yaw yklim and exploring space ever since. Since he was originally from earth, the other aliens felt that he could help me transition. I asked him “Does this mean I’m never going back?” He replied “No.” “You are going back. You will be different than before and can not allow yourself to be treated in a hospital for any reason.” “Why?” I asked. “He said when we teleport-ed you, your earthly body died. You were injected with an AI substance that is now your bloodstream. It will allow you to heal naturally. You can not die through a gunshot or stabbing.” “Bullshit” I exclaimed. “No one is immortal.” “I don’t want this.” He sighed and looked me in the face and said, “You aren’t immortal. That’s why you can’t be studied in a hospital. The technology that was inserted in you has not been invented on Earth yet. You will age very slowly. If you go back to earth, you won’t be allowed to stay for more than ten years in your time. Otherwise, people will know something is off. You were injected with an AI that is structured to regrow any body part that is failing. If you are discovered, your AI will shut down and you will be immediately transported here. This is why you will no longer have to go to the bathroom, nor will you survive on food. You can eat food but you won’t be able to taste what you eat. You will have no sense of smell. Your sensors do everything for you. In essence, you are no longer you. Instead, you are being reprogrammed for a higher purpose.”

I was stunned. How could I have died? I remembered everything from my life. I remembered each of the relationships I’d had. I remembered the taste of food and how things smelled. I recalled every event in the past and then it hit me, I was recalling every moment in my life from start to the end. I saw everything unfold. The good, the bad and the drama in between. Things I never knew answers to became crystal clear. I could literally hear conversations of the aliens around me and they weren’t saying a word. Dr. Elcarim said, “When you are back on Earth, you will hear the thoughts of everyone around you. Hone your powers to hear what you need to and tune everything else out. You will be able to use your finger as a laser. This will allow you to open doors and see through people. You will also be able to build anything that you can imagine. Use your finger to draw the outline and you can have any buildings come to life. Plants can be brought to life with the AI substances that are running through you. You will be able to sense danger from 100 miles away. You won’t need a car. You can create a car through air. You won’t have the same emotions as before. Everything will feel new and invigorating. In many ways, you are a compilation of the light and dark. You can see everything. You will have heat sensor vision. You’ll have no scent so animals won’t know you are there. You’ll also have the ability to cloak yourself with invisibility.”

“You’re shitting me.” I replied. Of course, this had to be a dream. Someone must have conked me on the head because this wasn’t real. I tried to pinch myself and found that my skin wouldn’t allow me to feel anything. I rubbed my eyes and couldn’t feel my hands touch my face. Everything was in a world of wonder. I tried to cry but my body couldn’t shed tears. I ached for my humanity that had been robbed of me but my emotions were not there. Other than the feeling of shock, I had no emotions left. My body was becoming an AI. In a matter of a short period, I had lost my humanity and gained limitless freedom and possibility. I was thinking I should be tired but then was informed, I no longer required sleep. I would only require about 30 minutes of rest and that was for my entire body to reprogram and rejuvenate. I wouldn’t gain weight anymore and my hair would never turn white. My life could only end when the last of the AI circuitry stopped working and that was projected to last 1000 years.

He instructed me to close my eyes. I complied and the moment he said open them, I was transported back to the same stream. My first thought was that I imagined the entire thing but I had the memories of everything that had transpired. I ran my fingers through my hair and peered at my reflection in the stream. My hair was now a jet black color. I had lost a lot of weight and was in new clothes. My newfound set of powers were sharp. I could hear every single animal around me. I heard the ants crawling out of their hills and the serpents that were miles away. I heard the calling of the birds and the conversations of the fish in the stream. I was no longer thirsty or hungry. Instead, my newfound powers honed in on the miles beyond the mountain. I could see through the rocks. I saw minerals form together. I saw the chemicals in the air that were from the vehicles that drove throughout the mountain roads. I saw the gasses in the clouds. Since gas isn’t invisible to the naked eye, it looked as a silky set of threads that were woven together to make the perfect forms of art that changed every few seconds. My hearing could hear as far as 100 miles away. Conversations of regular people had to be sorted into my data bank of memory. Each conversation was filtered to determine the sense of danger that was in the area. In many ways, these powers gave me the abilities as the superheroes I had grown up watching.

The first week of these powers created problems. My mom had been trying to reach me. Friends were worried and I had to try to convince them that nothing had changed. I was supposed to feel emotions as a human but because of the infiltration that my body had experienced, I felt disconnected. I could feel the AI taking over. My memory told me that these folks had been an integral part of my life but I couldn’t figure out how to feign emotion. I had to come up with numerous lies to keep from being discovered. My mom called me out on the lies. She knew something wasn’t right. I tried to dissuade her from seeking answers but because I was her daughter, she wouldn’t let up. My body provided a cell phone for me to speak with her through but I didn’t dare show her a video of myself. If I had, she would have known something was awry. In life, I had friends that I felt I could trust but in this body, I didn’t know who would believe me. I didn’t believe it myself. I started trying out my new powers. I found reclusive areas that I could try my laser finger with. Sure enough, I created whatever I could envision. Homes, money, animals, even people appeared with the point of my finger. If my imagination could think it, then it became a reality.

Since my appearance had changed dramatically, I had to find another place to hide. Going home was no longer an option. In life, I had been a picky eater. Since I didn’t have to eat or drink anymore to survive, I ordered exotic food. I couldn’t taste any of the flavors of the entree’s but I was able to connect to men and women who were affluent. I heard what transactions were occurring around me. Some were legal but most were not. My mind started making files of all the conversations being held around me. I heard two terrorists plotting to take down an organization and was able to alert the authorities by transferring the files of the conversations into the Investigative Organizations that protect us all. Within seconds those terrorists were nabbed by the officers.

Everywhere I went, I seemed to be able to help law enforcements without letting them know where the information was coming from. My appearance changed daily. Since I no longer had fingerprints or anything that would identify me, I was able to go incognito. Everything was fine until I saw him. AI’s are not supposed to have emotions. They are not supposed to connect with a human but I did. At least I thought he was human. He introduced himself as PAT. I tried to read his mind. I couldn’t. I couldn’t hear his thoughts. I had no way to pick up on his presence except for the fact that he was in front of me. I didn’t understand. I was told that I could hear everything but I couldn’t hear him. He walked with me for a spell and stopped. Then he spoke. His real name was Partrpmol which meant Pivotal Artificial Trainer. The reason I couldn’t read him was because he only existed through a memory instructional AI. He wasn’t real. He was a reminder of the past and the future combined. He was there to bring me up to speed in my training. The training would be unlike anything I’d ever endured. It would be tough physically because my circuitry had not originally been programmed for what I’d been chosen to do. The powers that I had acquired were going to have to be silenced for the training because I needed to be able to allow the circuitry to work correctly.

I was put through a rigorous set of training. I couldn’t feel pain and yet had I still been human, might have been broken from the extremity of the workouts. I was conditioned to anticipate every move that was coming and that I wasn’t alone on this planet with other aliens who had planned an intergalatic invasion. Transporting to outer space was only done through ships on earth but because aliens who had been implanted with the microchips could teleport without worrying about atmospheric conditions.

To be continued tomorrow……

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