Butt Dialing – The Definition of Embarrassment

One of the most embarrassing things I’ve done is to butt dial people. I didn’t mean to do it. At times, technology can do the most off the wall things that I never expected. How it happens at times is beyond me. I can think of several times where I butt dialed a person and had no clue that it happened until afterwards. There was one occurrence that a person I didn’t care for, was in my contact list. Somehow, my phone butt dialed them and they heard a conversation I was having with another friend of why the person in question grated on my nerves. It was awkward and embarrassing all at the same time.

Or how about a time when I butt dialed my father when I was having a conversation with my then husband and dad heard the entire conversation? It was not a pretty picture. Yesterday morning, a very good friend of mine butt dialed me. I had to chuckle because she didn’t say anything embarrassing but she had no clue that she’d done it. The incident reminded me of how simple it is for us to butt dial one another if we haven’t taken the proper precautions. As I’m typing this, I’m also in the process of fixing my phone so that I can prevent this from happening again. Here’s a solution that I found while researching how to stop this annoying issue from continuously being a problem. Most phones have a similar set up to the following steps.

  1. Open up Settings.
  2. Locate and tap Security.
  3. Locate and tap Smart lock.
  4. Enter your PIN/password/pattern.
  5. Tap On-body detection.
  6. Tap the slider to disable

While butt-dials are comical at times, there are many occurrences where they can be hurtful to the other party listening in. I don’t like to intentionally cause others pain. I doubt I’m alone in that category. What’s helpful to me is recognizing that I’m not the only one who’s done this. I don’t have to allow my phone to keep doing it though. I hope each of you are able to prevent those unwanted butt dials. It’s pretty sad when our butts are able to reach out and communicate better than most of us do at times. I don’t think that our butts were designed to dial. If anything, our butts have other jobs to do. Sitting, getting us moving and taking care of business are better ways for our butts to work. If the butt was intended to do the dialing, the slogan of “let your fingers do the walking” would never have been needed. For those that don’t remember that slogan, Bell-south used that slogan for years with telephone service. I hope none of you ever experience the butt dial. But if you do, remember that the other person wasn’t intending to call you. Laugh about it, then throw the memory out. It’s easier to solve this from happening now before you get embarrassed than to have this occur. After all, we all need to remember technology is constantly evolving. We need to ensure that we can protect our conversations from being misconstrued.

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