Don’t Miss the Dance

Dance can reflect so many areas of our life. It can be a literal interpretation of the fluidity of life. Sometimes the movements that we all possess, can determine our mood swings. Quite often, I sit in my office and have the radio on in the background. I find myself swaying to the music, tapping my feet, even lightly singing or humming to the melodies that my mind is hearing. The songs that play remind me of scenarios in my life that I either embraced or ran from. Sometimes the songs are from the past like Don McLean’s American Pie. Other times, it’s current music from an array of artists in various genres. The music that we hear isn’t just about the sounds and melodies we hear. It’s about the emotions that we experience every moment of every day.

I think that there are songs that cover almost every aspect of issues in our lives. Even with this, there are always new concepts that are given life. When I say don’t miss the dance, I’m not referring necessarily to physical dances. I’m referring to opportunities in our lives. I’ll give you a prime example. I fell really hard for a man who isn’t easy to love. His pride is enormous. He feels he must show strength at all times and doesn’t accept help. He pushes away those he loves because he doesn’t wish to show the pain he endures. I made so many mistakes with him. I should have told him years ago to his face what he meant to me. A lot of time passed and before we knew it, both of us had been running for so long that it became all we knew. We missed the dance because we let fear keep us from dancing. We danced alone. We carried the weight of the world on our individual shoulders and made decisions for one another without realizing it. Over time, it’s kept us from dancing together. We haven’t been able to get out of the rain. But one day soon, that rain won’t be an excuse. Time is a factor to live. We don’t always dictate what time will do but what we can do is stop living in fear and making excuses for everything that goes haywire in our lives.

I think it’s easy to fall into a wait and see the trap. At work, there have been instances that others grabbed opportunities whereas I let people move forward and I stayed stuck in neutral. One of the reasons that I implore each of you to not let yourself settle for anything or anyone, is that we only get one round at this life. Rarely are we given a second chance? I know I don’t want to live my life with regret and I don’t want that for anyone else either.

Fear is a demon in itself. Have you ever been filled with so much happiness inside that your soul just wants to dance? You don’t have to have a reason. You just want to move because your body is so exuberant with good things in your life that you feel the rhythm inside you? You are able to be emboldened and do things that you never would have deemed possible. You communicate with those that you never imagined. You stretch yourself not just physically into realms that turn the impossible into reality. You take all the negative energy and throw it over your shoulder like a basketball swishing its way into the net. Every moment and movement is a symphony. You are on your own stage.

Sometimes our performances in life are for pretend. However, those instances are rare. Unless you are a professional performer, life isn’t all about to pretend. Lyrics to songs are played out in our everyday lives. The music we listen to is a reflection of what’s important in our lives at that moment in time. Conversations with friends and loved ones have their own flow. Every single action that we are all a part of, is a piece of growth along the way. Relationships are a struggle. It doesn’t matter if it’s personal or professional. We have to continue to grow. That means doing things that aren’t comfortable at times.

I’ve mentioned previously that it’s a struggle for me to deal with confidence at times. In the last few years, I’ve changed dramatically. There was once a time where I didn’t want to be held accountable for mess-ups. I thought that I would be invisible and it wouldn’t matter what I did or didn’t do. In life, there are times all of us want to hide. We allow the fear of failure to overtake our belief in ourselves and our abilities. Instead of asking for help, we allow pride to take over. That’s not usually the best method for learning new things. Sometimes it takes a gentle nudge in order to be pushed out of our comfort zone and into a new element. When a performer learns new material, it’s like its own dance. It’s difficult and frustrating at first but as that performer begins to master the technique, the movements become in sync. You can literally see the transformation come to life.

Churches are no exception to dances. In many ways, traditional churches fight the progress of the modern era. Change isn’t embraced. Change and dancing go hand in hand. Every congregation goes through its own version of a dance. There’s often a push and pull from those who see the necessity for change and those who fight it at every level. There’s a level of respect that is danced around and it creates this painful agony of motion that those in the congregation experience. It’s wild. Jesus was a true rebel. He embraced the dance that was around him. He guided people who were lost and helped them find their voice by accepting faith in the Father. Their spirits were lighter, their load less heavy, and their acceptance was more vast. This was a dance of love. It’s still utilized to this day. Love is the key ingredient to everything we do. While there are different types of love, the bottom line is the unconditional love of what we aspire for, what we have, and what those around us provide, is something that helps propel us forward. It allows us all to have the freedom to dance, sing, play our songs, draw our memories, write our stories, and mark this world with dances that have yet to be performed. We’re all dancers of life. Don’t miss the dance. Get out there and try. Do the things that you never thought possible. You may fail the first time you try, but you will have learned how to begin to succeed. Move your hearts and soul to the rhythm. Never take a day or those you care for granted. Keep dancing.

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