The Journey to Change

It never ceases to amaze me at the lengths people will go to change their lives for the better. I think all of us in our lives have struggled with some part of our gists. We are all comprised of needs, desires, wants, and fulfillment. What happens when what makes us whole is only part of the equation? For example, I enjoy writing and feel lost without the ability to express what’s going on in my world through my writing, but if that ability was extracted, I would have to find another way to fill that void. I might seek more fulfillment by learning new skills. It’s not a bad thing to be well rounded. We are on a continuous journey of self-awareness and growth by allowing ourselves the ability to try new things.

I’ve recently added more to my plate in terms of commitments. In many ways, I’ve been a late bloomer for most of my life. Many people saw leadership skills in me from a young age. The ironic thing is that I didn’t want to acknowledge this trait. Many people want to become leaders and remain hesitant. I was one of them. It wasn’t until I began to see that change was never going to happen until I learned to speak up about issues that concerned me. The best part of evolving is that we are allowed to spread our wings, make mistakes, and grow into better people.

I’ve often heard the phrase that “no decision becomes a decision.” There’s a lot of truth to this. When you make up your mind that you are no longer going to allow the negative energy and people in your life, you begin to experience various changes. I have a friend that I’ve been close to since childhood. Recently, her actions hurt me emotionally. Her family jumped on the bandwagon to that emotional pain and I cut ties with her. It wasn’t because I blame her for anything, I don’t. I just recognized that we were different than we used to be. She is now exercising her religious beliefs. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in God or have faith. I do. But the ways that I worship are not the same as her. That’s why the ability and freedom to grow in our journeys are so critical. I don’t blame others for what happened in my life. I blame myself. I also forgive myself and those who wronged me. Life only comes around for a short spell. There’s no clear roadmap for every individual that is the same for everyone else. We all have a path designed for us. In my ways, our roads are created as unique, because we are all comprised of various skills and talents.

Part of the thing that is challenging me is that I’m beginning to partake in areas that scare me. No, I’m not talking about violent things. I’m talking about public speaking, putting myself out there on various groups and committees. There are many issues, including bullying, that I strive to educate others onto the lifetime impact that can occur. I suppose when you spend your life feeling like a doormat, eventually you get tired of all the dirt you’ve picked up from where other’s feet have walked all over you. You decide that it’s time to either clean your life up and not allow those to dictate your actions or to continue to let others trample on you. Getting walked on and shoved down repeatedly can take a toll on the psyche. There’s a slew of emotions that you experience. Give yourself a break. If you have been or are encountering these feelings, don’t think that you are alone. Jump in. You may need to surround yourself with people who are driven, or who share more dreams and ambitions.

Our attitudes determine where we want to focus on. Some of the most successful folks in this world didn’t just snap their fingers and get successful because they wished it. Many of them created their own rules and paths. They worked hard by planning and executing goals and bringing those to life. They found their passions and rose to the challenges by not giving up their dreams. And they don’t stop dreaming. They keep growing their dreams and expanding upon what they know. You can come up with a fantastic idea or product, but if you don’t cultivate that product, you can’t broaden your base. There’s only a certain amount of growth that occurs with farmers on a single row. When what they plant is ready, those plants can only put out a certain amount of fruits or vegetables in a season. It’s the same principle for everything we do in our lives. If we put all our eggs in one growth basked, then we can’t allocate anything else for success down the road.

Pay attention to your diet and exercise patterns. I get it. It’s been excruciating hot this summer. This year has not been conventional Problems with social distancing have been causing more depressive actions and not wanting to be as active. Somehow we have to break that mentality. Just because it’s difficult to achieve this goal, does not equate to it’s okay to not do this. It’s more imperative than ever that we all keep a healthier diet, that we stay in shape and push ourselves for a healthier lifestyle. We can’t stop living our lives. We have to make better choices and provisions for our everyday lives.

If you struggle with organization, ask for help. I used to be horrible at organization. I would scoff at the notion of keeping everything clutter free only because I was the type of person that new where everything was in a disorderly fashion. There’s a reason that organization can help expedite our productivity. If you have everything scattered, it’s confusing for anyone that comes in behind you. Learn to plot out the items that you need so that you can get to them quickly and efficiently.

There are resources available through Youtube and other searches that can help you change your habits for the better. The challenge is to make up your mind of the changes you want to see in your life and move forward. Don’t let others keep you from finding what makes you happy. It’s your life. No one else is living in your body. It’s important that we find the things that make us happy and keep those things in our happy place. Otherwise, we become a shell of ourselves. We tend to just exist when we go through the motions. I hope you all have a fantastic day and keep changing things for the better.

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