Political Correctness is Exasperating

I know I’m not the only one who is feeling this way. Every day, I have to watch everything I say and do on social media. I have to watch my mouth in public and that’s not always the simplest mechanism for me. I have to watch my actions. As a person with white skin, I have to ensure that anything I say cannot and will not be used against me in the courtroom of the public. Geez. There was once upon a time that people didn’t live in fear of offending everyone around them but that isn’t the case anymore.

I don’t disagree about the #BLM movement. In fact, I’m one of the more ardent supporters of it. What I disagree with is the fact that anything that is said by a person that’s white, or of color can be perceived as racist when it was never intended to be that way. In truth, I’m starting to get offended by all the political correctness. Not only do we as a society have to walk on eggshells, but it seems many groups are being offended when they aren’t amenable to whatever issue is important to them. There are actually many issues that I agree with political correctness on but that doesn’t mean that our society isn’t being offended by many varying issues.

Being politically correct can feel as if it’s a double edged sword. Why? Because groups of every spectrum lose a sense of expression. There’s a stark reality to all the (PC) movements. It’s called division. The Democrats blame the Republicans. The Republicans blame the Democrats. Come on folks. Pull up your britches (yes my Southern is coming out) and come up with solutions rather than blame each other. The elected officials sit in their cushy offices with staff that caters to their needs while the Americans who are trying to make a living are struggling every week. Let’s get a reality check. Healthcare mandates are one of the most heated topics in government along with racial inequality. Common sense tells us that the more tax people have imposed on them, the tinier the take home pay becomes. Which in turn means less spending. This translates into businesses not being able to make it. While I don’t disagree that the economy could use a significant boost, where is the money actually going to come from when we’re already in a massive debt? If that debt was on anyone in particular, that person would be expected to pay their bills. In fact, when people can’t pay, everything is taken away from them so why does the government get a free pass? The racial movement has ignited a fire under many people. The desecration of statues and monuments are being hailed because they are considered offensive. Personally, my only fear is that by taking down the statues, we are igniting more flames to the fire. There’s a war that’s brewing and our government is watching by aimlessly. It doesn’t matter what realm you fall in. If you are on the far left, you will never agree with the far right and vice versa. Moderators can only do so much when people dig in their heels and refuse to acknowledge the conflict.

If we de-fund the police department, is that really bright? What happens when emergencies occur and there’s no one that will respond because the police are not functioning. Crimes escalate every day and it doesn’t matter where you live or work. If someone wants to do harm to you or steal from you, they can and will find a way to do it. That doesn’t mean live in fear. It does mean that we as a society have some really tough conversations to be had that a lot of folks don’t want to engage in. They are afraid of being offensive and offending others.

All the sensitivity training in the world is not going to solve the politically correct issues. When my friends and I get together, we like to joke and carry on. We have a mix of Black, Asian, White, and Indians that like to cut up and make light of some of the issues that are going on. Why? Because all of us are so sick and tired of being told what we can and can’t say that by being able to talk about things in our groups helps us to understand each other. Culturally speaking, communication is the core to being able to survive in any territory.

This applies to a lot of different views and many varying topics.

I know that we have to be politically correct in our professional forums. Our personal forums can’t reflect any type of negative political statements either. But when we are unwilling to acknowledge that not everything is meant to be taken so literally, then we have got some major issues that not many people are addressing. Comedians are struggling right now. They are afraid to use different forms of material for being insensitive to other parties. Companies are re branding so that they don’t come across as racist and there’s very little conversation happening about the increases in prices that we’re about to see for them doing this. After all, the money has to be made up somewhere for all the changes that are happening around us. We all have to remember, money isn’t growing on trees. Whether we all want to admit this or not is irrelevant. The whole series of movements that are occurring is going to cost everyone in dollars as well as moral compasses in the long run.

Before I sign off this blog for the day, let me say this. I don’t apologize for speaking my thoughts. You don’t have to agree with me on any of these points. But I refuse to live my life continuing to walk on eggshells. My hope is that every one can stop living in fear for voicing their opinions in a non violent way. When each of us is living in fear of what we say or do, it’s a scary feeling. Be safe everyone.

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