Gracie’s Hope

There’s a young girl whose family attends my church. Her name is Gracie. Gracie is a precocious child. She’s full of wonder, hope, and has an infectious demeanor that can melt just about anyone’s heart who has the privilege of meeting her. She’s like so many other children in the United States right now who are coping with difficulties in life. But Gracie is different. There’s a story with Gracie that not all the other kids share.

Imagine being born in a country that is known for its dire conditions. Now, imagine that you are soon to be a mother who can’t get the proper prenatal care for your child. That’s what happened with Gracie. Liz was in Haiti on a mission trip. She first met Gracie on April 30, 2013. Little did Liz know the impact this little girl would have on her life and her family’s life. Gracie has several medical issues that without intervention would have prevented her from being able to walk or survive. Enter Liz. By trade, Liz is a physical therapist. She has worked with many people who have special needs. Gracie was no exception. When some look at her, they see a little girl with no legs. Gracie and those who know her best see a champion on so many levels. The grit, determination, love, endurance, and zest that she has for her life is infectious.

With a lot of love and care, Gracie has flourished over the years. A child that would have been ignored by the country she was from, was now prospering with love. The love Gracie has received pales in comparison to the incredible gifts of love she gives back. If you ask Gracie, she will give you a variety of answers about her favorite colors, what she wants to be when she grows up, and what she enjoys most. The video that you will see below does not tell you about the love of the theater she carries. Nor will it tell you about all the hearts she has melted.

Gracie absolutely loves math. She is a STEM girl through and through. Liz and family love Gracie and are doing everything they can to ensure that this little girl has a chance for a better life. Unfortunately, Gracie is like a lot of other immigrants. There are a lot of unknown factors that will determine if Gracie can remain in the United States. Right now she doesn’t have access to healthcare or insurance. Liz and the family are paying for everything out of pocket. Those expenses add up. Some of you may inquire as to why Gracie is worth helping. The truth is that I wish you could all meet her. There’s a fire inside her that refuses to be extinguished. She continuously beats the odds. Some would argue that she should never have survived the conditions that she did but not only did she survive, but she is also thriving.

If any of you are touched enough to help contribute to this young girl, thank you. Gracie is a reminder that no matter what obstacles we all face in life that love is a weapon that can be wielded for helping to heal. For more information on Gracie, click here.

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