Have you ever found yourself jumping in to one relationship right after another because you may have gotten bored, or were afraid of committment? You aren’t alone. There’s a lot of people who find themselves in this predicament. Conversely, rebounding doesn’t just occur within personal relationships. You may have had to change jobs and rebounded quickly with another job just to pay the bills. You may not be happy in your position but it was keeping the bills somewhat paid and gave you a little bit of incentive to keep going. There may be a void in your life that you don’t know how to fill so you get yourself positioned to keep your mind occupied. These are all types of rebounding.

Another type of rebounding is an exercise. It’s like a mini trampoline. You could spend about 20 minutes a day on it and it helps you to firm and tone various parts of your body. I like it because it helps build strength in my legs. Rebounding may or may not be a good option for you. It’s a low impact exercise that just about any age can do. Research its pros and cons before you start using it.

When I think of rebounding my first thought centers around the game of basketball. In basketball, rebounding is crucial to both defense and offense. I’ve often heard that defense is what wins games and I won’t contest that issue because I’ve seen too many instances where it’s rung true. But if a team needs to get a basket badly and they are the offensive team, they have to keep getting the rebounds to stay in the game. Rebounding has many different meanings. My view of rebounding is vast. There are times when I get into a sports mindset and I’m just as bad as the men that I hang around. I yell at the tv or radio, get upset when my favorite teams play poorly and when they act as if they don’t have to work as a team to get the rebounds, I tend to think that the athletes playing are forgetting that if they don’t work as a team, they will lose. It gets difficult to remember sometimes that athletes are people. People make mistakes and sometimes aren’t on the same page. In many ways, we are all having difficulty at times getting those rebounds.

I’ve loved different men in my life. I was engaged to a couple of men (at different times) only to have gotten involved with another man when my life was falling apart. I made bad decisions and went out with guys who were nothing like me. They were musicians. Granted, I was too but they were into heavy metal, alternative rock, and cover bands. It was a hard life. I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. I grew up. I was forced to see myself as a stronger woman than I have set out to be. I learned that when you rebound without dealing with your emotions, that sooner or later, those emotions will come back to bite you in the butt. My dad used to fuss at me and tell me that I needed to make better decisions regarding my employment status. He kept saying “you’re running out of time.” I guess the hardest part is now I understand what he meant. The truth is that age discrimination is real. It’s hard to imagine getting old. When you are in your twenties, you recognize certain paths that have to be taken to achieve various levels of success. When your thirties arrive you start to have a little more panic if you haven’t achieved the status you wanted to and by your forties you do everything you can to make sure that you are settled and comfortable. Sometimes life isn’t so clear cut. For those who are professionals that have never had to deal with the issues that many others have, let me be clear. It’s very easy to rebound into jobs just to keep working. I had an executive who once accused me of job hopping. Yes, I have worked at many different companies over the years. I’ve also worked more contract jobs at those companies than most people will ever have to do. The reason? It kept me working and I was trying so hard to find steady employment. When you work for temp agencies, jobs are hit or miss.

There’s another reason that rebounding happens a lot. Depression and anxiety mixed do not help us to make good decisions. I can attest to this as I’m sure many of you can. I’ve rebounded in friendships, relationships, jobs, and acquaintences. It’s hard when you have put yourself out there and been shot down whether it was with someone you wanted, a job, or anything that meant a great deal. Those emotions can damper the confidence and when that confidence is shattered, sometimes rebounding is instinctive.

Before you rebound with anything, remember to take a breath and breathe. Try to gain your thoughts. When we panic, we don’t think clearly. I don’t know of anyone who thinks clearly when they panic. Don’t allow others to make you feel that you aren’t worth value. You are. There’s only one you. Every one of us is unique and special and at the end of the day, we have to sell ourselves by showing the world that we are strong enough to take the chances that are given to us. Life isn’t easy. Rebounding is a part of life but don’t allow the rebounds to be made hastily and in poor judgment. Sometimes rebounding can be extremely successful but it’s rare. It’s a new day. Give yourself the credit. Today is not the day for rebounding. It’s a day of re-branding, rebuilding, and refurbishing your image. Focus. Breathe. Let the world see what you are offering.

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