Positive Changes Override the Negativity

Every day is a journey for all of us. We have the ability to make the day something special or something we dread. It’s amazing at the power we all hold in the palm of our hand and don’t even realize our own ability to enact positive or negative change. Far too often, the mentality that our opinion doesn’t matter, outweighs the reality of a situation. If we keep that mindset, then how can we expect others to take us seriously? In truth, we can’t.

When I filed for divorce, I honestly didn’t know I was going to go through with it until the last few minutes in court. I was so scared to let go. I took my vows very seriously and I literally didn’t know what else to do. There was very little honesty left to our marriage. In fact, I don’t even know what was true and what wasn’t. It took a lot of issues not being dealt with for the marriage to come to an end. When we split, I was very angry with him. I felt that he never truly loved or respected me. I’ll never truly know what he felt, but I know that I had to learn to let go of the anger before I could allow myself to truly be loved. When you let go of the negativity and the grudges, everything changes. Your perception, viewpoints, attitude and demeanor change. You are no longer bogged down from the chains that hold you back. You literally have a look about you that makes others see that you aren’t weighted down with concerns. This is really beneficial to everything you may approach in your life.

Here are some of the best approaches that I’ve found that have helped me move forward in some of the most negative experiences.

  1. Get rid of everything negative that you can. This can include friendships that have been giving you whiplash. It can provide opportunities for you to enhance your network by meeting people you might have been closed off to previously. You may begin to try new programs and meet new people in that manner or you may find yourself volunteering and making a difference in others lives. No matter what you may do with your time, use it to invest in yourself.
  2. Unclutter your life. That includes going to your closet, getting rid of clothes, shoes, items that you can’t use anymore or don’t fit into. Sometimes in doing this, you can make room for something else that is better suited to your goals, ambitions and dreams.
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Some of us have a harder time than others with this. We are perfectionists and we beat ourselves up over the smallest things. DON’T!!!! Not only does it not do any good to beat yourself up over the little things, it’s a waste of time and energy. Move on. Don’t criticize yourself so hard. No one is perfect.
  4. Do something good for yourself. It might be a day at the spa or a very long hot shower, some prefer baths, it might be time to yourself, or even time to get together with friends. Whatever the thing is that helps you, take time for you. It’s important to energize your mind and body.
  5. Document what bothers you. This is really important. Writing it down can help motivate you. You can see things with new eyes. When you take the time to write it down, you can record what you are doing to make changes both good and bad.

There’s other things you can do too. You can try meditation, visualization and several other options. Research methods to help you on your journey.

Videos like the one below have helped me on my journey.


You can’t change others. You have to start with the mindset of you are not going to let the things that have held you back to this point continue to be a problem. It’s a new day. When others are dealing with anger issues, you have to say that you care but you aren’t going to let them take you down that path with them. It’s a choice. Confidence and positive energy are the portals to doors yet to be acquired. In order to get to those doors, you have to change your negative energy into something that no one can take away from you. Instead of saying you think that you can do something. Try I’ll do it. If you fail, so what? You’ve learned what not to do. If you succeed, move on to the next difficult task. Everything has a purpose in this world. We weren’t created to not live life to the fullest. Not everyone will be monetarily wealthy, but soulful healthiness is something that money can’t buy. Healthy spirituality is something to be learned and navigated. Not every day will be easy. That’s why it’s so important to treasure the good things in this life.

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