Solar Energy – Conservation at its Best

There are a couple of reasons that I feel strongly about the benefits of solar energy. First and foremost, it makes sense. We are provided the sun which allows for all kinds of nurturing growth and development. Shouldn’t solar energy be counted among growing sustainable energy? I was super skeptical like many people out there. Yet, the more I researched it, the better it sounded. So my mom and I decided to install solar panels on our house.

What a difference! Our electric bill is approximately $15 a month now. It used to fall anywhere from $150 a month to $300 in the coldest depths of winter. Now the most expensive with the solar panels has run us about $100 in the coldest month. It’s a dramatic difference that makes sense and saves a lot of cents in the process.

So why should you consider going solar? For one, it’s renewable. Renewable energy is constantly replinished and since it’s powered by the sun, solar energy can be fun to learn with. I get a kick out of watching how much energy we produce every day. Obviously if the energy level outside is high, we are producing more energy. If it’s a cloudy day, we won’t produce much but it’s a wonderful tool to teach your family about the impact that solar energy panels can have.

I mentioned the lower bills a few paragraphs ago but it’s really true. It’s expensive to install the solar panels but it’s a true investment and the money you save eventually pays for itself. It was one of the most interesting topics to research before we made the decision to add the panels but after we got the first couple of bills from the energy folks, it became clear that our investment was paying off.

Wanna know another thing about solar panels? There’s very low maintenance to them. Yes, they have a battery pack that can be pricey. However, the return on your investment by not having to do much maintenance with them is a huge reward. Especially if you don’t like to have to do a lot of upkeep.

Technology has made huge strides in solar energy. I remember when solar panels first came out or at least, I remember interviews with folks who were running their homes off solar in the eighties. Things were much more complex back then. The biggest differential is that it does cost quite a bit of money. For us, it was an investment of about $35000. Not cheap by any means. However, because technology has advanced enough that our home is powered off solar but we can still use outlets for charging phones, keeping appliances going and for other items, it has made our lives a little easier by allowing us the freedom to breathe a little more when the electric bill comes.

Unfortunately solar is dependent on the weather. But when the weather is very sunny, you will create more energy. Another downside to solar is that the panels take up a lot of space. You are the only one who can determine if solar is right for you but I can attest to the fact that for us, solar really has helped us to create a better living environment costwise. Do the research. If you are thinking about solar panels and installing them on your home, I can tell you from personal experience that you have to weigh the pros and cons for yourself. For me and my mom, it was a no brainer. Everyone’s situation is different.

Because my mom and I live on a farm, I can tell you that we also leased our land to a solar company. It took a lot to make that happen. The town that we live in wanted our land for development and housing. We were vehemently against it. We wanted to find a way to conserve the land and make money on it. Solar seemed like the perfect fit. We have had the lease with a solar company now for a couple of years. It has been worth the lease. When the lease runs out if either party chooses not to renew, the land will be returned to normal without the upkeep of the panels. Time will tell but I would love to see the land preserved for the future.

My mom drives a prius that is partially charged with solar energy. Toyota hasn’t done this for several years and I really hope they get back to this. Solar energy isn’t just the wave of the future. It’s the source of energy that transcends time. When I smoked, I loved to light my cigarettes using solar energy. Thank God I quit smoking but the premise is the same. Solar energy doesn’t have a chemical smell. It’s natural. Maybe more places will look into solar energy. If nothing else, their bills will thank them for it in the long run.

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