The Journey Within

Journeys are unavoidable in our lives. We may not be on a traveling to a different country type of journey but rather one of faith, of growth, and of pain. There is no simple answer to the meaning of life. We have no simple solutions how to cure incurable diseases, and yet we continue to strive for answers to questions that often times we don’t even know of what to ask. Faith is shaken to its core and yet we still grapple with faith. We look to the heavens and earth for guidance. Sometimes the answers are right in front of us and other times clues are hidden. We don’t always see the roadmap that we are set on. That’s why it’s imperative to allow our journeys to be our guides, our teachers and our friend.

Have many of you are faced with the challenge of overcoming your fears? Is there something you secretly desire? Do you find yourself being someone who likes challenges or do you tend to pull back because you don’t want to be hurt? Are you exploring your options? Do you have a goal in mind of where you want your life to be within 6 months, a year or more? These are the kinds of questions that start our journey.

My journey is an ever evolving one. I’ve always been loyal to my friends but I’m finding that I’m changing. Gone is the notion that I have to allow others to impact my life in a negative way. That’s not to say that there aren’t times in all our lives that are depressing. That’s a part of life but what we do with our lives and our own journeys are a testament to our mindset.

Faith is a strange thing. You can’t see it. You can’t touch it. But it dwells inside a person. It’s the core belief in something that isn’t material. Many people have different faiths and ideals but the one thing that all of us should have in common is the faith in ourselves to make the difficult choices. For those who are religious, faith is a core part of who they are. My faith is shaky. I believe in a higher power. I believe there is a God but that doesn’t mean that I believe that my journey of faith in him is easy. In fact, some days it’s downright difficult. I don’t like to see anyone or anything hurt. I hear all too often how if there’s a God why do bad things happen? Truthfully I don’t know why bad things happen to people both good and bad, but I do know that when people have faith, there’s usually something good that comes out of the even the most dire situations.

Some of the things we do in our lives, we do with intention. We have the opportunities to create the kind of life we want through planning and hard work. But what happens when those plans go awry? Many of us make decisions without realizing the repercussions until its too late. We aren’t willing to take ownership of things that could have been prevented. We may have made bad decisions that sent us down a road that leads to more problems. I’ve often heard that we have the power to change our situations. Changing people’s minds and perceptions when we’ve wronged them isn’t always the easiest thing to achieve but there has to be a willingness on both sides for forgiveness and growth. You can’t make someone change their behavior. All you can do is change yours.

It’s through change that our journeys really begin. Every day is a new beginning. Every conversation leads to new discoveries and opportunities if you allow them to. Watching children grow can be fascinating. They are full of wonder, curiosity, and adventure. But have you ever watched seniors as they begin on their journey of retirement? Some of them do slow down but there are quite a few who can outdo most of us. Their energy levels can be unparalleled and their skillsets are strong. They are willing to take people under their wing if people express interest. In many ways, seniors have a knowledge base that the youth can absorb faster because they are more open to the wisdom that is being bestowed on them. That doesn’t mean that they will always listen for the long term to seniors, but the impact that our grandparents, mentors, and advisors instill in us prepares all of us for the various journeys that we travel every day and minute of our lives.

I love exploring the country. Hiking used to be one of my favorite pasttimes. I would go through the woods often and take in all the different plants and flowers that I would come across. It wasn’t until I had been reminded of the dangers of ticks and snakes that I slowed that journey down. You see, when a person that you love with every fiber of your being is fighting a tickbourne disease that is advanced, it instills a different kind of journey. You start researching every type of program that may help them. It doesn’t have to be a tickborne virus, it can be cancer, or any disease that you may face or that a loved one faces. The truth is that everything that affects us or the people we love takes us on a journey of discovery and growth. Relationships and faith are tested. We lose people along the way and gain others. We see what we are capable of and the inner strength that dwells inside our souls. The passion we feel inside has the power to heal and the power to burn. Much depends on what we are willing to allow ourselves to feel and learn from.

One of the men I used to date is now a doctor of finance. I recently looked him up just because my LinkedIn profile showed he had sought me out. The journey I had been on when we were together was one of discovering real love for the first time in my life. When that relationship went south, I made a lot of bad choices. I got in with the wrong crowd, I did everything I could to get back at him and in turn only hurt myself and my future in the long run. I have had a tendency to fall for men that weren’t always the best choices but when I love someone, I love them with my whole heart. Nothing more, nothing less. I was almost shocked when I saw his accomplishments. He had always been smart with numbers but he’s traveled the world and teaches finances overseas. I was truly happy for him. I was glad he found success and a love worth fighting for. My journey with him prepared me for the knowledge of what could be. It was my choice to go after the wrong things in life. I don’t regret those choices now. It’s given me an inner strength that can’t be taught in books. I now appreciate things that back then I took for granted.

No matter where your journeys take you, remember this. If you allow yourself the ability to learn from your mistakes, your journey can take you amazing places. Don’t let people be your downfall. Embrace the changes that you have. Be willing to grow within yourself. Most importantly, love with all your heart. Because love is the journey that matters most. If you don’t love what you do, then you are on a dead end journey. Find your passion. You really do have the power to change the world. If nothing else, by changing your own world for the better, you are changing things for everyone around you. Positive journeys become infectious just as negative ones can. Keep reaching for the impossible. Because there will come a time where the impossible will become a memory and the possibilities will soar. Each one of you are on a journey throughout your life. Enjoy the ride. You never know where your journey will lead you.

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