Empower each other

When I hear the word empower, I think of two things. I think of empathy and power. Why empathy? Because when we build one another up, we are practicing forms of empathy. The power is pretty self explanatory. But why is it important to empower those who don’t believe in themselves? For one thing, they contribute to our financial and emotional growth. The more that we invest in those who show promise, the more advances we allow ourselves both technologically and personally.

The STEM programs have become more prevalent over the last twenty years with young girls than ever before. Young girls are breaking barriers every single day that were either dominated by men or never achieved. Don’t believe me? Look at Simone Biles, she’s a multiple award winning gymnast who is breaking records at the unbelievable age of twenty two. She is a role model to young girls in not only the African American community but to all young girls. Her trails that she is blazing are among one of several that is are opening the doors to young girls of color. She is constantly sharing uplifting messages around the world that affect many.

As a young girl I was captivated by women who beat insurmountable odds. There were women like Amelia Earhardt who piloted alone. She helped to pave the way for the modern pilots today. Susan B. Anthony was a woman who empowered other women to pave the way for change by obtaining women’s rights to vote. Helen Keller taught us not to allow disabilities to define the accomplishments we can achieve. Harriet Tubman helped many slaves obtain their freedom, even though she knew the risks. She knew that the lives of the Black community mattered and she helped save many lives.

There are countries where education isn’t a given. It’s fought for everyday. Girls in some countries are killed and discarded like pieces of trash instead of the unique people they are. There are advocates in so many areas across the globe and only a small portion of them are recognized. It is through their acts of leadership that young girls are beginning to emerge as strong leaders with voices that are being heard.

So what is the best way to start empowering someone that you see struggling? For one thing, you can compliment someone with a heartfelt compliment. I’m not talking about saying something just to sound good. If you genuinely like what a person did, let them know and be sure to let them know what you liked about it or why you may have like it. It’s a small thing that adds a lot of value to a person.

Another thing is to talk to someone with complete honesty. Most of us can spot a fake person a mile away. You can’t learn from feedback if it isn’t honest. Sometimes it may be difficult to hear but the honesty can empower a person to make positive changes in their lives. It can provide the steps to increase a person’s value and broaden their scope.

Listen. This is a huge tool in empowering others. How can you empower anyone if you don’t know what is important to them? Listening can be hard sometimes. Life presents distractions in all kinds of forms and situations. What’s important is that we do listen to others, because it is through listening that true communication can begin.

Be willing to help others. One of the things I love about Empowered Girls of NC, is that they use things like Lunch and Learn videos to bring awareness to other young people about crafts, hobbies, subjects and other matters that they aren’t getting in the classroom at this time. During this epidemic, we are all learning new ways to communicate with one another. Lunch and learn is just one of several opportunities that can be used, but the point is that we are all learning when we help each other learn new skills. Mentoring can be construed as helping. I know that growing up, it was imperative to have role models that I could look up to. Most of us tend to do better when we have others help lead us in directions that we never knew we could achieve. The more we learn, the more adaptable to change we become. True growth can be tested in terms of our mindset. When we are conditioned to allow others to teach us, lead us, and guide us on our journeys, we then open doors to various transportation styles. It doesn’t have to be a vehicle, but growth is unique to each person. Yes, there are boys who fall into this category as well. Yet, overall, girls have had to work ten times harder than boys just to prove they can achieve the same level or even exceed expectations.

Donate to causes that you believe that your donation will help empower the participants. Let’s face it. Money talks. There’s no way to deny this statement. Money can help provide opportunities, room for growth, expansion, the ability to reach more people by providing education, and the relationships with others. It is because of the generosity of people that organizations are able to reach more than they have in the past. Networking is imperative in order to meet this criteria. Communication is a must. The need is great to continue to empower the younger generation. It isn’t just the younger demographic that needs empowering. It’s every man, woman, child, and teens that are creating a stronger, more united world.

I hope that if you are in need of empowernment, that you step out of your comfort zone and re-evaluate your value. Every person on this earth is a person of worth. Some things cannot be measured in dollars and cents. What isn’t measured is the impact that we make on each other. Empower each other. Empathize with one another. Allow yourself the opportunity to make the difference. Each person is a person who has the power to change the world. Don’t allow fear and excuses to take over. Carpe diem my friends.

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