Morning Thoughts

Every morning can seem like it’s either a new beginning or a robotic movement that makes a person feel as if they are just as Pink Floyd mentioned, “Another Brick in the Wall”. For those who are hourly employees, there is a sense of doing the same type of tasks virtually every day. The mentality becomes how can they get through the day so that they can go home and feel good about earning money. There are always folks who are the exception to the rule but this is based on observation from many years of working in various jobs, and wondering if the cycle would ever end.

I work approximately three jobs. Only one of those jobs do I consider repetitive. Yet, even through the repetition, I am constantly amazed at the new things I learn. I value the women and men that I work around. Each of them has their own unique skillset and opinions of how things should operate. Their influence has helped to guide my mentality as a manager and a person. My other two jobs are free lance positions and I absolutely love them. Hard work has never bothered me. What has bothered me is that many times, people who did less work, and kissed more political tush than I did, got ahead. I never understood why until the last couple of years.

Life is about risks. We take risks in our personal lives when we open up to someone about our feelings. We risk getting hurt in relationships and we risk happiness. Why? Because it’s part of life. We don’t grow if we don’t hurt. We don’t understand that it takes falling in order to really get up and appreciate the falls. I have always loved music and entertainment. I really should have gone into the industry but I didn’t. I let fear control me. I was afraid I couldn’t cut it and you know what? I couldn’t. I say that because I wasn’t willing to try. I let the fear keep me from becoming someone who could take charge of my destiny and pursue the dreams that I love. I love to write. I’ve opened up more the last couple of years in writing than I have in most of my life. I’m not afraid anymore. If you don’t like what I write, you don’t have to read it. I’m grateful that you all do but I’m not going to stop something just because others may not like what I have to say. That’s growth for me.

During this quarantine, I’ve gotten closer to many friends and family through Zoom and also seeing them at their homes. I’m still able to attend board meetings through Zoom for Empowered Girls of NC. This is an organization that I firmly believe in. They are about helping young girls ages six to eighteen understand that they can achieve anything in life that they want. Hard work and determination are instilled in these young ladies and they inspire so many different groups. I would love to see chapters of this organization started up in multiple states. If you are interested in the type of organization I’m referring to here’s the link:

Were any of you bullied in school? I was. I didn’t fit in with the wealthy crowd. My parents sent me to a private school with the money that was to have gone for my college education. I worked my way through school at the local Burger King. I was constantly embarrassed. I had no chest. I had a fairly nice butt yet I couldn’t get a date for the life of me. I didn’t believe in myself. I tried to make friends. I really did. But that school, no one wanted to sit with me at lunch. I didn’t drive a fancy car and my parents weren’t wealthy. They didn’t belong to a country club. One of the boys at school made advances on me my freshman year that I wasn’t ready for. To be frank, he terrified me. Yet, he was popular and wealthy and anything he wanted, he got. I didn’t want to have to deal with him my sophomore year. The summer before our sophomore year, he was killed in a car accident. I’ve never really talked about this with my friends. Part of me felt a huge relief that I wouldn’t be tormented. The other part was devastated for his family and friends. I couldn’t talk about what happened. I held it in for a very long time. That was a mistake. I think part of the reason that I have never gone after what I wanted was from things that stemmed with him. I didn’t have the courage to fight back. Instead, I let him make me feel rotten about myself. I didn’t understand what was really going on. Then when he died, I never got a chance to know if I would have been strong enough to have come forward. In many ways, I drew into a shell of a person and allowed the robotic motions of my life to begin.

I don’t believe that all rich people are bad. I also don’t believe that everyone on this earth is a friend. I do believe that we are all going through many of the same types of scenarios. Each of us has a voice and some voices are silenced without having the opportunity to be heard. Some voices are heard so loudly that no one else can get a word in edgewise and some are restricted due to political consequences. In America, we supposedly have the right to free speech, yet it’s censored everyday.

I have worked with good managers, bad managers, and those who fell in between. Management is not easy. There are decisions that are consistently made that affect a lot more folks than what most people know. Some of those decisions may be wise while other decisions may be very questionable. The hardest thing is to learn when to speak up and when to ride out those decisions.

For the record, I detest politics. I don’t like what the politicians in this country are doing. I don’t enjoy the bickering and the name calling and the tearing each other apart while people in this country are suffering. People are losing their jobs, their homes, and their families over decisions that are being made in this government. No matter which side of politics you are on, it doesn’t matter who does what. What matters is that the people have their needs addressed. Our government needs to learn to listen to the people and not their own political agenda.

As you go about your day, I truly hope that you can look at the employees you work with in a different light. I can pretty much guarantee you that you are working with people who have baggage that you never guessed. Sometimes it’s not necessarily the baggage that weighs people down, but it’s what’s inside the luggage that may be heavier than that individual can carry. More than likely, they are rolling that baggage where they go because lifting it requires more muscles than they can muster at that moment. Effective managers recognize the little things. They understand how their people operate and they use them to the best of their abilities. They allow their employees to grow and evolve. Companies that are struggling often have high paid CEO’s who don’t have the slightest inkling of what is going on in their stores. To them, it’s all about the money. Again, there are exceptions but it’s rare. Now that we are all having to live and work more remotely, what areas are you noticing more things than you did previously? I’m noticing traffic more. I am able to see who is coming in and out of my facility more frequently and I’m paying attention to the dents and the things that need repair more than ever. That’s also growth for me. Observation and organization weren’t always my strong suit. Yet, I’m getting more proficient at both. The only guarantee we have in this life is that the time we have on Earth is limited. We need to make it count. What areas can you make count? You never know who you may be helping and making impressions upon.

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