Sometimes it’s easy to think we know the outcome but we are not prepared when the outcome is different than what we expected.

Man, what a time in our history. I have never seen so many changes in our society so quickly enacted as I have over the last few months. There’s not as much noise as there has been for quite some time and yet, the more we are all forced to change our habits and our lives, the more restless we are all becoming. We are all finding all kinds of twists in our lives. Many folks have lost their jobs. You might be one of them. At this point, I truly hope and pray we can all get back to work because without incomes, we aren’t able to do the things in life that we really want and need.

I don’t know about the rest of you. I like being able to interact socially. Staying inside four walls drives me nuts. I long for the freedom of the outdoors and miss my friends and being able to socialize. I’ve had to learn just like all of you how to change not only my hand washing habits, (I keep hand sanitizer on hand constantly now), but also to be able to adapt to the twists and turns that are happening in our lives.

My favorite movie used to be Twister. I think it was because I love the adrenaline. I love watching the unexplained be broken down into ways that are easier for me to comprehend. Sure, twisters themselves can be explained but what can’t be explained completely is why some twisters leave devastation behind while sparing some things. I have family located throughout the United States. It amazes me how some of them live in the heart of Tornado Alley and yet some of the buildings that they frequented were destroyed while others didn’t even have a scratch much less have problems. There is something to be said for mother nature. She’s unpredictable, fierce, and can be extreme. She can also be a place of divine serenity.

As I struggle with this new normal we face, I’m reminded that we are all in this together. I have a great friend who constantly reminds me to not sweat the little things in life. She tells me that we can only control certain things in our lives but we can’t control other people and their actions. I look around me and see how so many people are now living their lives cautiously. Yet, there are many who are not taking this seriously.

Many of you know that I’m always looking for ways to earn money. There’s a barrage of apps that offer free money for just playing games on your phone. You can earn money for taking various surveys, you can sign up to be testers for products, and sell things on Ebay, Amazon, and other venues. What’s difficult to know is which ones are legit. I had an app on my phone recently for Step Younger +. They advertise that you can get free Amazon cards just for walking but what they don’t admit to up front, is that you have a very slim chance of getting the rewards. I deleted the app. Like many of you, I’m looking for ways to earn more money in this economy without having to go out. I’ve started ordering things online that I would normally have gone to the store for. I’m becoming a homebody and I hate it.

It’s becoming crucial to research everything. Scammers are out to take everything they can from us and it gets really frustrating dealing with scams and robocalls on a daily basis. I know at the office I can get anywhere from two to 20 robocalls and scam calls combined in a day. They key is staying alert and not let yourself fall prey to the scams. This can be extremely challenging.

As we all deal with the changes, I hope that each one of you are able to handle the twists and turns that are occurring without feeling defeated. As a whole, we are all working together to ensure that no matter what twists and curve balls life throws at us, that we can embrace the challenges with a fervor that won’t be denied.

Right now, we are all walking a twisted tightrope of emotional drainage. We are all having to live our lives in unconventional ways. It’s up to us to untangle some of the twists that we are dealing with. To do that, we have to follow the rules and make some changes no matter how much we may not like those changes. Stay calm. Stay focused, and be ready to come out on the other side of this stronger, more informed, and healthy.

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