Our lives are being challenged in ways that have never been explored in this capacity before.

I will be so glad when this virus is contained and we can all get back to somewhat of a normal routine. Every day that our lives are contained by mostly four walls are time that we can either use to our advantage or get more depressed because of the lack of social interaction. Even though I am still able to work at my job, I have to lock myself in the office and keep interaction with people to a bare minimum. To be frank, it’s strange. Many people are having to work remotely and finding a new so called “normal”. It is because of the coronavirus that our lives are being stamped with a historical timepiece.

Many of us have never encountered anything of this nature during our lifetime. We’ve heard stories of the Great Depression and the Flu epidemic of 1918 that took so many lives, but never have we had this much hysteria and fear over something that we knew so little about. In the short time span we are being educated how to practice not only better hygiene, but more secure practices to keep our health at its best.

My grandfather had a pocket watch that I always considered as a timepiece. It was a nostalgic remembrance of a time that was simpler, less congested and more trusting. It was also a time of learning a new set of technology because every year that passed, things in life got easier because of the advances in technology. The quality of work started suffering when the demand was high. Corporations were so invested in getting as many products out and started short changing the way things were produced. Mass production was becoming a norm. Safety standards were supposed to be put in place and many times they were but there was also a lot of varying qualifiers. There used to be a pride in the way things were done. Over the years, the time pieces of quality and standards have shifted. Now we are being expected to produce more with less. If there’s one thing that has been good about this time that we are all experiencing, it’s that we are all being forced to slow down and not take everything for granted.

Tempers are flaring more than every. People want to stay safe and healthy. Yet, we are all starting to engage in cabin fever. As a whole, we are having to re-learn skills that will ensure our safety for ourselves and our loved ones. It’s not an easy journey. If anything, we are climbing mountains that most of us have never lived through or even had to climb until now. Every day is a new learning opportunity that we are embracing. Our lives are encompassed by a virus that is both scary and deadly. Those who have had the virus and survive understand why the measures to protect everyone are in place and those who haven’t had the virus are doing everything they can to not get it.

When my mom has gone to the stores during the senior hours, she has been amazed at how many people are still in the stores, the amount of toilet paper that is missing from the shelves, the barrenness of the aisles of bread, certain toiletries and other groceries. Never in her lifetime has she ever seen anything to this level of scarcity within the stores for this long. Certain companies are hiring more than others but there is still a large string of folks who are currently unemployed.

So my question is how do we create our own timepiece to mark this time in our history as life changing? This is uncharted territory for all of us. History truly has a way of repeating itself. In some ways, many people have become so complacent that the thought of what is currently occurring never would have seemed like it could become the reality that it has.

Let’s find ways to capture this time so that future generations can understand why this timepiece is so critical for the future. We are all human. Chemical warfare and other diseases are going to continue to be issues for all of us. The way that we have lived our lives up until recently have forever been altered due to the current state of the world. If you love to write, then write down what you see, what you feel, what you hear. If you love to draw, or create art, use that art to mark what’s going on around you. If you love music and poetry, use those tools to forge your own messages about what you see. The same goes for any talent that you may have that you love to do. Don’t allow this virus to take away the things that mean the most to you. This virus has changed us all. It hasn’t taken away our talents. It might have taken away the way we’ve been utilizing those talents, but it can’t strip it from us. We are not defined by our occupations, or our skills. We are defined by what’s inside the core of our being. Our souls are not going to be demolished by a virus that has changed our way of life. We are an integral timepiece of people together. Each one of us has a purpose. Even though we can’t all get together in groups the way we have, technology is making it possible for us to stay connected and learn from each other.

Social Media has become a critical way of communication for many jobs, interests and other opportunities.

Whatever you consider your timepiece to be, know this. People of all colors, ethnicity, cultures, and beliefs are all in this together. We are all counting down the days until we can reach a sense of normalcy. What we don’t know for sure is how long this will last. My hope for each of you is that you remain safe and healthy. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I struggle with my faith. In some ways, this virus has made me pray more. In other ways, there is a legitimate anger over the devastation that I see. I’m angry over the fear and the changes that have had to take place. I question why this is affecting so many well known and not well known people. Then I go back to my heart knowing that just because I can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I start remembering the blessings in my life and understand that faith is a lifelong battle. A perfect faith isn’t perfect. There is no right way of believing or wrong way. People have free will to choose what they believe. I choose to believe that there is a God. I may not understand why things happen the way they do, but I know in my heart that there is a reason for everything. In spite of this virus, we will get through this. Each of us will have an internal timepiece forever etched upon our spirits.

This is a new time in our lives. Please stay safe and well during this journey. Keep challenging yourselves to learn everything you can, albeit in different ways than a classroom. We are all growing in this together.

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